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  1. Hey, anyone. I'm surprised no one's done a mix of this track yet, given its ridiculously upbeat nature. Ideally, I think something jazzy would work well—heavy on the organ, perhaps. But y'know, whatever works for you. It'd really just be a treat for me to see this track given the OCR... er, treatment. The original, for anyone who's never heard it: And the Maverick Hunter X remixed version (really don't care for this one myself): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-5_bFGOlCI Thanks!
  2. Sometimes I give out "sampler" discs of ReMixes to friends, and this is one I always include. This is probably in my top ten of all OC ReMixes. I love the quiet, unassuming beginning that bursts into sound with the big, bombastic percussion. It's like Beckett007's Flashback ReMix, in that sense, and I really like that one too. The difference between Flashback "Memory Leak Suite" and this is that the arrangement here rocks. You never get bored, because there's always that shift from quiet moments to big percussion blasts, and a little jazzy noodling in between. Mad props to JigginJonT.
  3. I host it at oxyhost.com, and the podcast files are hosted at ourmedia.org. Neither one costs anything to join. The only thing I pay for is my domain name, TUMPonline.com, which is roughly $10 a year.
  4. EDIT: I found a new theme song. Thanks, guys!
  5. Heya guys. Just trying to unload some of my old stuff that I'm not particularly attached to. Rent money's gonna be tight this month, so I'm doing everything I can to squeeze by. Anybody who's interested in the items I have up for sale, please bid. I have some books, a limited-run comic series, and some other trinkets you might like. Thanks to everyone in advance. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZblackhart012384 (Mods, if this is out of turn, please feel free to move or lock it. I just didn't know where else to put it.)
  6. Would it be possible to, say, make a podcast containing a smattering of OC Remixes, so long as I'm very careful to credit everyone and everything associated with the site? I basically just want it to be like an NPR music show, only in podcast format. Would that be legally sound, under the current content policy?
  7. The beat's very bouncy, and when we first break into the melody, the first thing I was reminded of was the soundtrack from "Tinhead": very light and sugary. AIE doesn't really break any new ground with this particular track, but if you're looking for something with an upbeat club sort of vibe, here's your tune. My rating: 3/5
  8. I don't really like the synth at the beginning—I think it's a little high and grating. The minimalist beat's nice, though, as is the opening electronic ambience. The offset time signature makes the melody feel a little weird, but props to AIE for giving the track his own unique flava. It feels a little short, too, though I'm not really sure why. Synths used are serviceable, but nothing outstanding. My rating: 2.5/5
  9. The beat that's dropped on top of the traditional Gerudo theme is nice and sweet, even if the melody gets rather repetitive. You haven't really done anything original with this piece, Mr. Peeples—no creative license, not beyond instrument choice, anyhow—and the synth that used later on for the melody is a bit low-quality. Not bad, but just not great, either. My rating: 3/5
  10. I just made this one last night: Before that, I was using your first one, Villainelle.
  11. This past semester, I took a Film course at the University of West Florida, and completed a movie that spans nearly 20 minutes—while it's certainly not perfect, it does have one awesome thing going for it: the use of four tracks by the talented folks here at OCR. I did, naturally, ask for everyone's permission before I went and used these pieces, and thankfully, all the ReMixers I contacted were overwhelmingly positive. Thanks, guys. The music used (in order of appearance): Earthbound: "Dreaming On Distant Shores," by Rellik Final Fantasy VI: "Deadly Promises," by Darangen Super Mario RPG: "Booster Tarantino," by djpretzel Secret of Mana: "NightTime Evolution," by Harmony If you'd like to view my film, you can give it a look here. And, if you so desire, feel free to criticize. I know about the terrible lighting in some shots, so do us both a favor and skip that. =)
  12. Is that Scorpion's harpoon noise all throughout the song, or am I just hearing things?
  13. I sent in a piece of album art to His Shaelness—hopefully, we'll get some sort of response soon on that. Highlights of this collab for me: Rock the Asphalt Wallstreet Monster New Mexican Thunderbird Reaching for Nirudha Guile's Mile Long Dong R U Overdrive ...and, of course, BOTA [Aetherius Mix]. All wonderful pieces, guys. By the way, does anyone else think Urban Uppercut bears a striking resemblance to porno music, or is that just me? EDIT: Album art, anyone? Shael seemed to like it, although I think it's really simple (and it is). I do feel jontilton's pain with the collab not having any album art, so here you are: I made it with a few screencaps and Photoshop in about 10 minutes when I first downloaded the album.
  14. Bionic Commando!!! Yes. Just yes. If you've played BC, then you know why. If you haven't, you need to. Bionic Commando is one of the great platforming pioneers, and it deserves more recognition than it gets in today's gaming climes. Mr. Salzman's taken on quite a project here, as the music to BC is definitely a thing of beauty. Breakdown: 0:00 - Nice military-style drum opening. 0:22 - Main melody. The tone of it here comes out sounding very Metal Gear Solid-esque, very cinematic. 1:14 - Nice staccato (I think that's the right term) on the drums--comes out almost like the ending to an action movie. 1:52 - Back with the drums. Now it sounds rather like a James Bond theme. 2:36 - A temporary pull-back from all the military sound to give you room to breathe. 2:50 - Back to the military drums. 3:20 - Another pull-back. 3:37 - And back to the military drums for our ending. I don't have to tell you Star's work is consistently impressive, and this mix is certainly no exception. If you're of a mood to feel like you've just shot down the bad guy's helicopter in some big-budget action movie, this is for you. However, as much as I love Bionic Commando and Star's stuff, the loud, bombastic nature of it really isn't my thing. On an artsy level, it rocks, but personally...meh. My iTunes rating: ***/*****
  15. One of my favorites NES-era tunes, the Batman first-level theme is one I wish would be remixed more often. That being said, I think Stephen did a great job of putting this together and making it his own creation. Breakdown: 0:00 - Nice, easily-progressive intro. 0:33 - Nice "Dance!" vocal hit, taking us into the main melody. 0:48 - Our main melody. Such an amazing musical wonder it is. It's really cool how much the NES could do with music. 1:40 - "Move your feet" lyrical transition--keeps it very dancey-sounding. Very well-placed with the beat. 2:13 - Reprising our main melody. No surprises this time around, just a straight shot of Dark Knight goodness. 4:16 - The beat falls straight out without any real ending. Some people may not like the addition of vocals at all, as they do give it sort of a dance-club feel to it, but that may very well be what Stephen was going for, so I roll with it. My only real complaint would be that there is no true ending, the beat just sort of drops and keeps on going, and then it's suddenly over. I would have thought maybe a cape sound effect or something...eh, I'm no musical expert. Anyway, a good early effort by Mr. Kennedy, definitely worth the listen if you liked the Batman game at all. My iTunes rating: ****/*****
  16. Bravo to injury here. BR is a smooth, jazzy tune, like you could see a girl singing it sitting at the end of a piano. As for the vocals, they're spot-on; I only wish she'd have sung a bit louder. Without the lyrics, it's hard to decode it (you have a sweet voice, starla). This is recommended by myself quite strongly to my fellow Mega-fans, as it shows a different mood of the music: instead of being just soft and mysterious, now it's soft and romantic. - blackhart
  17. Is there a problem with that?! j/k... I'm a big Blue Bomber fan, as you can see by my sig pic... To be brutally honest, this is not nearly up to par with injury's other Megaman stuff, like "Blue Reflection" (my favorite) and "The Tallest Building." I've come to expect a lot from her since I started gettin' jiggy to the music here. And by the way, hiyas to everyone! I'm a newcomer!
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