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  1. That's what the chick at Best Buy said. It's why I went with Fallout instead. And I almost didn't. I literally had Infamous IN MY HANDS, and she talked me into putting it back on the shelf. Actually, I can't remember the last time I downloaded a remix. I just listen to all the old ones I still have from when I first got interested here. Mostly Megaman and Sonic remixes. But yea, I'm pushing 30. Religiously following games and new consoles ended for me years ago. Now I just see which testimonials impress me more and throw around money like it's nothing. On a side note, Blu-Ray is fucking awesome. I mean, I didn't think I would be as impressed with it as I was, but damn.
  2. I went with the PS3 - mostly because they threw me a great deal. 80gb system, extra controller, hdmi cable, 3 games (I got to pick two) and 1 blu-ray movie. I got Fallout and GTA4, along with some game called Little Big Planet.
  3. I was told that they're coming bundled with a special version or some shit to be released in October.
  4. I'm pretty dedicated to action/adventure games and rpgs. First person shooters are pretty fun too. I don't care much for sports games, I get bored of fighters (Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, etc) quickly. But give me a game like Hitman or Max Payne or Splinter Cell or Prince of Persia and I'll play it for hours on end, repeatedly. I'm really itching to pick up the new Fallout - lucky me, it's on both systems. I've also been looking at that new Metal Gear. That's only PS3 though, I think.
  5. Which is better, the X360 or the PS3? If you haven't really ever played either, and you can afford both, which would you get? I really don't know much about either of them. I know that the Xbox is cheaper both in terms of the console itself and in the games, but that is really not an issue for me. I have no interest whatsoever in live gaming so please do not factor that into your value judgments. One person has told me that cross-platform games tend to be worse on the PS3. Can anybody verify that? Does the X360 controller suck just as much as the original Xbox controller? Because I fucking hated that and if the controller is pretty much the same, then tell me now because I won't bother with it. Put yourself in my shoes. I've got a wad of cash to blow, and I am totally ignorant about both systems. I've never even really played them much. Which way would you go?
  6. I've been meaning to ask, what is the brown bear?

  7. I don't remember which Sonic it was, but I loved the casino level where you were basically in ball form the entire time just bouncing off the level. I think it was Sonic 3, because I vaguely recall that the bubble/fire/electric shields. That level was a blast.
  8. It's not quite appropriate for this forum (because, god bless you music lovers and your basic integrity) - but I did a write up about MJ's death on my so-called-"blog", where it certainly fits with the fake attitudes regarding the subject. Call it my eulogy for the man. If you want the link, let me know.
  9. I'll be there. Meet me at the arch. Wear a flower.
  10. I burst out laughing when I read that. That said, I actually will really miss the guy. I know so many of his songs by heart. In law school, my buddy Erick and I used to torment the entire bar by stuffing $50 into the jukebox and play nothing but MJ. And then, when someone would try and trump our songs (by paying an ungodly amount), we'd trump it right back. And as I'm so fond of saying... he was Michael freakin' Jackson. The king of pop. I took such personal offense to the cocktail-party ridicule the poor guy got. And straight up, no bullshit... I don't care how many kids he (allegedly) molested - he freakin' EARNED it. If anyone deserved the right to molest children, it was Michael Jackson. Ahh MJ, he was always one of my alltime favorites. He's raping children in Heaven now, god rest his soul.
  11. I bet if Tim Burton asked Johnny Depp and HBC to make a snuff film he was directing, they'd do it.
  12. I didn't know this was here until someone PM'd me. Thanks. I think I'm actually STILL hungover from it. My buddies took me out for a two-day bender. It's a game we've been playing for years - a shot for every year. The idea is, if we make it to 40, it'll surely kill us. Which is cool, because what's the point of life after 40 anyway.
  13. Go respond to your happy birthday thread in GenDisc. It isn't beneath you.

    Happy 29th btw.

  14. 5 Days a Stranger, 6 Days a Sacrifice, and 7 Days a Skeptic are better.
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