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Megaman X WIP


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The samples are all very MIDI-ish. Except for the guitar. Very strange drum arrangement, but I kind of like it. Too much dissonance, though.

And were onto the next part just like that. It really needs something to join them. Far too much High-Frequency instrument in Part 2. Intro is nice, though. That harp instrument be played on a lower frequency instrument, In my opinion. This bits pretty repetitive until 3:09, where things slow down. And then it very abruptly. Needs to be expanded.

And suddenly were onto part 3. Again, you can't just stop one track and go onto the next bit like that. You need something to join them. Fave part so far, although the drums are bland and repetitive, as well as the bass. Again, too many high-frequency sounds.

And then an un-dignified fade out and its over. just like that. It needs an ending. I recommend listening to other Medleys, such as Sukutto 42's Megaman 3 one, to get a better idea of flow. You've done 3 very different tracks, joining them and making it sound good would be a challenge, But I think its possible.

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the 1st and 2nd part wouldnt need anything too fancy to link them really. you could just throw in a big cymbal roll in between them and it would make it like a dramatic segue into the slower 2nd section. i'm sure you could get creative with it :). as for the 2nd to 3rd part, you should have a cool transition there and some kinda modulation because i think they're in different keys. it's do-able.

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