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  1. Skies Of Arcadia Soundtrack - Yafutoma Dawn and Pirate Isle.
  2. It's ''Crazy motorcycle'', I think you'll find. ''Chase of the Highway'' is a track from Advent Children.
  3. http://z8.invisionfree.com/CTC_Project_Forum/index.php? It's on the front page of this thread....
  4. Anyway, since you're back, Tensei-San, could you please help me with the bass part with my mix? My mix is on the actual Crescendo To Chaos forums. Also, good to see you're gonna be working on your Jenova mix again after half a year.
  5. We are not talking about pop radio. We are talking about pop music. And happy hardcore is way worse than pop could ever be. THAT all sounds the same.
  6. Not for this project, sadly. Almost finished my Crescendo To Chaos mix (Well, my part of it anyway), and when my Philosophy exam is over (Monday), I'll get cracking on main Theme. I've done quite a bit already, there's some nice drum fills, but I've made the main melody part really hard for myself just now. As for the Ending Demo, I've wrote some lyrics. Yeah, you heard me. This is gonna be one hell of a mix for a source that was only about a minute and a half long.
  7. I thought I better let you guys know, I was the-almighty-tallest but now I'm Jimmy Jazz. People on Crescendo To Chaos should already know this.
  8. I remember orbital doing a remix of this. It was awful. But I am also interested to hear your take on it.
  9. The police walked in for jimmy jazz I said, he aint here, but he sure went past Oh, youre looking for jimmy jazz Sattamassagana for jimmy dread Cut off his ears and chop off his head Police came looking for jimmy jazz So if youre gonna take a message cross this town Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side See it gets to jimmy jazz Dont you bother me, not anymore I cant take this tale, oh, no more Its all around, jimmy jazz J-a-zee zee j-a-zed zed J-a-zed zed jimmy jazz And then it sucks, he said, suck that! So go look all around, you can try your luck, brother And see what you found But I guarantee that it aint your day Chop! chop! Aww. I liked your old username.
  10. ***ROUND SIX*** Alien Hominid This is fun as hell. But you can play it for free on the internet. But It's still fun as hell. I'm gonna go for No for this one. I found it fun. Not everyone will. It's very simplistic. I think you should try it out, and if it appeals to you, buy it. Grand Theft Auto III Nah. Vice City and San Andreas were far superior, camera was annoying as hell, even Body Harvest was better. Daytona USA This is great to play when you're drunk. It's a simple racer with some awesome/weird cars to unlock. Some of the conditions for unlocking these cars are pretty cool, for one of them, you have to complete the race in reverse. You get a last place standing, but you unlock the car. I preffered the tracks on the Saturn Daytona games, but apart from that this is better than its predecessors. The only thing dated about this are the graphics, the racing is awesome as hell. Yes. ***ROUND 7*** Powerstone 2 This game is sooooo much fun. Unlocking everything is kind of a pain, but It's worth it. The weapons are brilliant. The characters, although there are some you will never choose, are brilliant. Whether Co-Op or verses, the gameplay is brilliant. The whole every-man-for-himself mentality is what makes this game. Even in Co-Op, the most fun you can have is by being a greedy, malicious bastard. And then, when you get 3 powerstones, you're unstoppable. It's like, BANG MOTHERFUCKER! Yes. Doom 3 I don't like the dark. And that's all you ever see in this game. Maybe I'd be able to give a better comment on this if I could SEE WHAT I WAS DOING. My friend love this game. They brag about their awesome skills. Which makes me hate it even more. And the story is fucked up. No.
  11. 1) 2 Remixers haven't wanted to take the same song yet 2) I would love some sonic 1 boss theme action, but thats up to pocketman. Final Boss Battle was easily the best song in the Sonic 1 for me. EDIT - Oh, and I used to be the-almighty-tallest but now I'm Jimmy Jazz because it's a better username.
  12. ***ROUND FIVE*** Sonic Adventure: I loved this game. But it is now really, really dated. By no means a must play, let alone a must have Guilty Gear X2 #Reload Fucking Yes. Stylish, brilliant, varied and somewhat balanced characters, and the most frantic 2 player matches I have ever experienced. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Nah. It's good, but not that good. ICO Confusing as fuck at sometimes, it can be easy to get stuck or lost. But the sense of atmosphere is terrific, and it's one of the few games I actually cared about a character, I actually wanted to save Yorda. So yes. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance I can't understand why people like this game. Boring. Drab. Repetitive. Not my kind of game at all. No.
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