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  1. wow where have i been!?!?! WE MADE IT GUYS!! Congrats to everyone that worked on the project and thanks to everyone for the kind words. hope you all enjoy it!
  2. ok sounds goooooood. i'll get you that bio/info soon as well
  3. Hey i've been MIA for a while but do you have the wav for my track or not?
  4. Hey sorry i'm late ive been away for the summer and forgot to check this site :( still have time to give you the mix??

  5. Mr.Burrrrrrrrrr you dont have mine?!?!!?!? someone let me know if u have it or not so i can get it to you
  6. I want to organize a film music remix project. who wants to provide a host website!?
  7. it was finished last time i checked. just needs a title
  8. and i've been busy with ghosts, werewolves, and unicorns
  9. hip-hop hardly has roots in jazz. that was just a big part of the music in the late 80s and early 90s. but it's true, you can have tight beats and sweet melodies at the same time. it doesn't need to be one or the other. here's some more giant panda for you
  10. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES!
  11. from my understanding most of the tracks are finished...we're just waiting on artwork and a release date since there seems to be a waiting list....
  12. glad you like the beats man. i'll try and get you a new one soon and i'm downey for layin down a verse
  13. hey man i'm downey. pm me and i'll send you some stuff fa sho. i got that 90s boom bap flava down pat!
  14. wickerman is terrible terrible terrible terrible. please dont waste your time and watch it ever
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