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Searching for 8-bit NES/Gameboy style sounds


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Aaaalrighty. So I've been working with this absolutely lovely program called PixelTone (or pxTone) for a month or two now, and I'm getting fairly good at it, but I only have one issue.

I'm at a total lack for NES and Gameboy sounds.

If anyone has the program and knows how to make the tones using the Voice Creator that comes with it, can they possibly email them to me? Or does anyone know of any wav files for Gameboy/NES sounds? Preferrably long in length noises because when you place wavs higher up in pitch, it speeds them up. So yeah, if anyone knows where I can find this stuff, please tell me. :3

For reference, if you've heard of Anamanaguchi and the noises they use, that's the kind of sounds I'm looking for.

Thanks much!

PS, Pxtone is totally free and you can probably find it if you do a google search for it.

<3, Markeh

EDIT: Also, if anyone knows of a free downloadable music program that specializes in Gameboy or NES style sounds, tell me. It will probably be easier.

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