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  1. This is perhaps one of the longest remixes on the site as far as I know, but the good thing is, it NEVER gets boring and given the style of the arrangement, the length is appropriate. We need more remixes like this. Production is pretty clean, although the fake guitars sort of bugged me a little, it didn't really matter with the execution of the arrangement. The original tune sort of had an implication that it was written with Jazz Fusion in mind, without the improv. I'd say this arrangement is like a perfect "arrange version" for this song, considering it was written about 2 decades ago. Lots of syncopation, the improv, I can't really say much about the execution, it's just done so well. Perhaps you should get a lead sheet done for this and get an actual band to perform this arrangement. Splendid stuff, faithful to the original, and VERY nice arrangement.
  2. MISINFORMATION ASIDE.... the track sounds nice. A tad loud, a tad repetitive, but you've got something happening here. I did like the use of the spike hit sound. around the end of the first quarter. That's all I can say really.
  3. URL fixed. Seems editing the link still retains the old link, so repasted. (Remove /public_html)
  4. Dissidia: Yeah I know what you mean, though I didn't take longevity into consideration but then again I have seen some rather long opening sequences in general. Also, completed the final version here. (Note: it's mixed differently from the test version) http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/muzik/mein/djtBMX_-_Haika_shiri_no_densetsu_tvsize.mp3
  5. I'm interested in knwoing what keyboard you used to play back. Heh. Thanks for the kind words. I haven't played BoF3 myself, but good to know haha. The song was actually intended to be a pastiche of the stereotypical anime OP song. I think it sounds a bit of a mix of other things though. When I have time I might pump the track in REAPER for the "official" version..
  6. Title: Legend of Ass Destruction (translated) Intended genre: JFusion/Funk/Pop, anime OP pastiche FINAL AUDIO VERSION: http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/muzik/mein/djtBMX_-_Haika_shiri_no_densetsu_tvsize.mp3 MIDI Renders: http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/muzik/mein/djtBMX_HakaiShiriNoDensetsu_syxg2006le.mp3 http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/muzik/mein/djtBMX_HakaiShiriNoDensetsu_sw1000xg.mp3 Hey everyone, started this yesterday and just finished it a few minutes ago, after a ray of inspiration suddenly striking me (and in effect taking time away from doing my SPC6 votes hurr hurr). This was spurred from a thought of looking back at my old compositions, and new inspirations since my last PROPER composition (which was 4 years ago now, my song for VGMA I think) Anyway, it feels fulfilling to finally finish a composition in record time, and actually love it. (I hope you guys/gals do too.) MIDI: http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/muzik/mein/djtBMX_HakaiShiriNoDensetsu.mid EDIT: Audio test (just testing instruments)- http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/junkpile/djtBMX_HakaiShiriNoDensetsu_audiotest.mp3
  7. Shoot, I forgot about the audition during the christmas break. Well, regarding that, is it too late to change what song to audition for?
  8. After being introduced to more music and artists from the Jazz Fusion circuit, I have to say it's a treat to finally hear something of that nature from here. This arrangement definitely conveys the funky syncopation present in much of the music of its type, particularly those from the 80's. (I daresay, the good 80's music?) Granted, it doesn't stray too far from the original but that could be a good thing, with the lack of a "wanky lead solo section." I do know some japanese game music tend to go through the fusion route (Mario Kart, anyone?) and the instrument lineup certainly fits the character. Some very nice drum sequencing here given it's a demonstration of that so-called drum library, funny how this plays as a plug for it as well. More...MORE...MOOOORE!!!!!!!! PS: Great stuff, hope to hear more stuff like this.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, the clicking is caused by Aquestone it seems, darn. More beat, certainly. I'll just have to concoct a suitable transition that doesn't detract entirely from the pacing of this arrangement.
  10. Vote for espernet. I go to freenode and several others, but I'm more active in Espernet. ETG has always decided to go "hurr hurr i haet ur hostname, K/G/Z-LIEN" from time to time, and that's impractical considering all I did was boot up mIRC and let the auto-join do its magic. It's just weird cause ETG is the only IRC server I've ever had a problem with.
  11. http://djtbmx.stdrand.com/junkpile/djtbmx_bessessenheitredux_ideawip.mp3 This was pulled together in 1-2 hours one midnight, during a session of idea overflow, I decided to throw the sketch down into REAPER before I lose the idea in my head again. At the moment, I'm unsure what direction to take this arrangement, given most of the battle/boss themes in the game tend to have motifs of the melody recurring all over. Thoughts, suggestions, please come forth,
  12. When it first came out yeah it was one of the more better games of the Tales series, too bad He-Man and the Masters of the Universe/Mattel got in the way of the name "Eternia" on US release, hence the incorrect renaming to Destiny II. (PS2 Destiny 2 is the real sequel.) Personally I found the music in ToE much better than Destiny overall, though Phantasia was still more memorable, the music in Eternia really did fit the setting of the game moreso than Phantasia at times. Wonder which song people would like remixed from this particular game.
  13. While I can't play guitar (particullarly chords) for peanuts, I can play Piano/Keyboard+Synth+Pedal effects, Drums+Percussion and a little bit of Bass Guitar. ...the last two I don't exactly have at my disposal at all times., but most certainly can play something out of them. I do have a good ear for pitch and experience in producing a tune together using a computer and specialised plugins and meticulous chopping of samples where necessary. Some interesting samples of your attempts, though somewhat a bit over-compressed to the point there's too much low's kicking it down.
  14. Heh. This sounds interesting. Might take a stab at it, though just for the fun of it.
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