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Streets of T3chN0

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Hey all, I am Amesuki, and I should introduce my self really in my first post. I am fifteen years old, I live in England, and LOVE retro game and it's music. Anyway I've been working hard on this piece of music for a while now. I have the DEMO version of Fruity Loops, but have alot of MAGIX music maker. I got the tune of this piece by listening to it, and comparing it to the DAC of the emulator. So the tune might not be exactly right, however I believe it is close enough for me. Remember this is my first remix, but I have been in music for well over nine years now.

I am actully very proud of this piece, as it has took me along time to finish!

Anyway here is the piece: Streets of T3chN0-(Streets of Rage 3-Track No 20 on Sound Test).


(Best Parts I believe -:

0:42- The Main Snyth is dropped and only the Pads can be heard.

1:25- The part where I placed just a bass tune I composed onto a heavy drums to give some contrast

1-59- The part where I use the game music in the piece, I love these touches in Remixs)

Please re-view, I need as much help as I can to get the piece on this site ^^


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This also isn't my favorite genre, neither the source tune (if I guessed it right)...

It was quite hard for me to identify the source (the one that played on the underground rail tracks, with annoying ninjas all around?), mainly because the distortion, or maybe because you extracted the tune manually. Couldn't you use a midi?

I'm not good giving advices, and it's even harder if I don't liked the mix... so I'll just stay around waiting for an upgrade! =p

Sorry! You'll have to wait by someone else!

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