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Gradius 2?


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Just sorting through my collection, I noticed the dearth of Gradius mixes out there. Only 2 songs from the entire series, sadly. I was wondering if anyone would be up for doing the theme from Stage 1, Area 2 of Gradius 2. For the lack of a better name I'll call it "Burning Heat" as that was the name applied for the DDR Max version. IMHO it's one of the more memorable themes from the game and I think there's quite a lot of possibility in terms of remixing.


Yay for having links.

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Here is an excellent set of Vulcan Venture (using that arcade name so as not to confuse it with the MSX sequel) remixes and other Konami stuff--foreign language but you should be able to pick out the MP3s...


http://k6a.dip.jp/oto/H-FCGRII-ST6.mp3 is probably my favorite among the Vulcan Venture ones.

The Castlevania 3 ones are awesome, too.

Interesting how they put a lot of songs into quasi-NES format.

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