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  1. Awesome, finally a Mirror's Edge remix! I'm probably one of the few people who really enjoyed the game, especially the musical ambiance. I know Still Alive isn't one of the main background tracks but still, it fits the mood well. This is a really great mix. Like the panel said, I like how you instrumentalized the vocal elements, esp the "I've learned to lose/I've learned to win" section. Some of that reminds me a bit of some of the echoes of that section in Solar Fields' "Introduction" on the score. I know I'm rambling a bit (tired and too much work lately XD) but the song really flows and soars. Which is important if you know anything about the technical ideas behind PK/FR. *edit* Oh I also wanted to say it'd be neat if you tackled some of Solar Fields' songs. Especially loved the lonely ambiance from the puzzle sections of "Kate" and "The Shard."
  2. I hadn't even read the description (I usually listen to LttP mixes without question) and my first thought within the first few seconds was "This is totally The Doors." Awesome.
  3. Finally someone posting something from the SR388 Tunnel Theme. Very nice.
  4. As usual, I don't come out very often unless something really catches my ear. This is absolutely gorgeous. Getting a very strong traditional Irish vibe from this without the standard Irish tropes in some respects. (I love Irish music, this is refreshing). It's been a while since I've found a mix so engrossing. It has a very nice, deep energy to it. *edit* Also, listening to the album right now. Great stuff.
  5. Oh come on I was speaking generally XD I just never stick my head out on the forums unless I hear something that really gets my attention in a good way
  6. Forget the haters, this is great. I love the way you blended the song. I mean this really does sound like something Journey woulda done if they were writing VGM I think it's great. A bit vague with the source to an extent, but a great mix.
  7. Is it bad that I wanna hear the screwball 88kbs version? XD
  8. Heh, anybody who can't enjoy this is either some kind of purist or a prude who can't stand juvenile humor. Oddly enough, a friend of mine and I were discussing last night an article written by a thirty something mother who didn't get why her 13 year old found juvenile humor so funnny. We're both almost 30 and we still find it funny, so call us juvenile if you will Definitely up there with the aforementioned mixes as well as Team Gato's tongue in cheek stuff. Musically, meh, but that's not the point is it? I laughed my ass off though.
  9. I always loved the Besaid music. Same goes for all the mixes. The middle section from like 2:08 to 3:08 was kinda not my cup of tea. I'm a terrible mixer, but some of the samples seemed kinda off or at least out of place. On the whole though, I love the very chill atmosphere. I like what you did with the main melody and the repeating background.
  10. Well, as usual, it takes a really awesome mix to make me comment on anything. This is really something. I love percussion arrangements. Probably my love for traditional east asian and polynesian music, along with my taste for improvised music (think shows like stomp, or utilizing the environment for percussion sounds). This is really great. I can easily pick out the source themes from 65,000,000 BC (or w/e the original piece was called). Straight percussion is music just as much as melody without percussion is music. Besides, all the drums have their own tones.
  11. Less beatles, more David Gilmour era Pink Floyd, in my opinion. Say what you want about that era, but I enjoyed the music despite the drama. Very atmospheric, almost a dark/great mystery quality to it. Very nice.
  12. Seargent Mario's Trippy Mushroom World Band? If it were a little more ragtime, I woulda said this might have been good BG music for a silent film ;P The song is goofy for some reason and I have to agree with everyone else. I felt like grinning like a moron listening to this. Personally, I think DJP was a bit harsh in his criticism of the mix when he called it conservative. It is a bit, but there's something about this piece that makes me think it wouldn't work as well if it weren't conservative. I love it as is.
  13. Really quite excellent. Though I have to admit that when I saw SotC on the main page that I was hoping for a remix of a different track. Namely "Revived Power", a great track for confounding and beating Colossi But this track was quite epic. Hueger than XBOX, but I digress. The music and vocals were spot on and fit in nicely with the theme of SotC and the original piece. I can really see how people are comparing this with Sarah Brightman's work. Excellent job you two. *edit* Hmmmm, well, I found out why I really love the music in SotC. Looking about, it seems that most, if not all of it was done by Kou Outani, whose work in anime/games/etc I've always loved. There's still a bit of that style in this mix, but I like the direction it went.
  14. Just sorting through my collection, I noticed the dearth of Gradius mixes out there. Only 2 songs from the entire series, sadly. I was wondering if anyone would be up for doing the theme from Stage 1, Area 2 of Gradius 2. For the lack of a better name I'll call it "Burning Heat" as that was the name applied for the DDR Max version. IMHO it's one of the more memorable themes from the game and I think there's quite a lot of possibility in terms of remixing. http://www.midishrine.com/dritidet/nes/Gradius_2/grad2-1.mid Yay for having links.
  15. Holy freaking crap! Radiohead meets Pink Floyd anyone? Oddly enough, I never played the Max Payne games (Maybe I should if they're good on the PS2). I've never heard the music either. However, this mix is absolutely golden. I'm really loving the minimalist approach here. It shows that you don't need a ton of stuff going on to make something come out nicely. The vocal samples really compliment the simple piano work in the background. We've got a winner here.
  16. Someone have who has the original wanna rapidshare/megaupload/whatever it since VGMix is currently down? I'd kinda like to compare the two.
  17. Wanna add something else. The transition at 1:38 from the main theme to the...well, whatever it is...FF Music, generally being a looping set of music doesn't exactly have choruses or refrains and whatnot...but either way, the 1:38 mark and other spots like it really fit well.
  18. Ok, I generally find this mix to be really quite well done. Hard to find a proper mix of Fisherman's Horizon. My only beef here is less about the technical arrangement, and more about sample choice. Assuming it's a sample that is. The sound in question is the very first bit of piano we have. For me, it's a bit loud when you guys are using that riff. I also think it sounds a bit tin....ish. Although I'm not more than a dabbler in mixing, I think a richer sound would have flown a little nicer. As it is, I find it a bit jarring and distracting. But I think part of this is just personal opinion as it's only on that riff that I have a problem with it. It flows nicely with the rest of the song. Having bladiator on pianos really made this work I think. So damn complex with so many layers going at once. This is really the kind of thing I can get into.
  19. Oh god, somehow I feel dirty... Ok, so I'm both a castlevania fan and a DDR fan. I feel like Simon is now playing "Boy Meets Girl" A lot of the DDR music annoys the crap out of me, but I'll be damned if this isn't spot on in just about every way. Sounds wise, nothing spectacular, very generic....just like most DDR songs. Gotta say, you really nailed this
  20. I'm quite certain that only segments of those pieces (can only remember swan lake of hand) were worked into the score. And yeah, that sword was annoying since I originally played in on an old 386 w/o a mouse...trying to click over to the sword from the conversation in time was kinda lol.
  21. I'd suggest the Cafe theme from FF6. Sure, it's a jazzy mostly piano piece in the game, but I could definately see a Glenn Miller type approach to the situation. Emphasis on Trombones, Trumpets and clarinets.
  22. All right, being the moderately old guy I am (well, 25 anyhow) I wanna make a request that takes us back to the old SCUMM (well, actually, the first of) games from Lucasarts. One thing I've never been able to find was new arrangements and remixes of the music from Loom. Dunno how many people here know what Loom is, much less have played it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOOM It had some of the greatest pieces I've heard in games, and they've stuck with me since I originally played the game back in 1990. Just nice work, but it really did suffer from the fact that PC music wasn't exceptional at the time, and frankly, a lot of comps weren't even sold with speakers at all (loom actually required you to order a separate disk originally to get roland support) O_o Anyway here's to hoping someone takes some interest in this. http://www.abandonia.com/main.php?nav=music&game=Loom Abandonia has some music from the game. Personally, I think that The Opening theme and "Hetchel and the Elders" are two of the most musically defining pieces. *edit* The audio drama is also worth listening to. Man, I've still got that on tape. I love me some retro gaming ;P -Karrde-
  23. Any arguement against the detuning should really be out the window on this one. The tuning/key of the original was already a bit off, if I remember correctly. In any case, though, this music was most frequently used in dillapidated areas or ancient ruins and such, so I think it was the right call. That aside, this piece is nice and atmospheric, and quite clean.
  24. New day, new post. I finally figured out what's been running around in my head since I heard this. The "Lower Valua" theme from Skies of Arcadia. That's what some of this really reminds me of.
  25. Not the best mix I've ever heard, but pretty spiffy. However, I really think that you captured the "Pygnosis Sound" which I'm guessing that a lot of people aren't familiar with. *edit* Actually, considering that slow synth you were using throughout the song, I'd really love to see you do something ambient with that. Maybe Mario Kart's "Rainbow Road" or FF7's "Mako Reactor". I could see you doing something really wicked with a hard core synth song.
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