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  1. I thought Abadoss' "At the End of All Things" was the best wedding-ish song on here, what with all the bells. Anyway, congrats DJP, but POIDH...jk
  2. Honestly I think one or two of the songs sound better in the NES version than in Akumajou Densetsu because the percussion is slightly different and sometimes the extra channels swallow up the main theme of the song. Almost all of them are deeper/richer in the VRC6 version, though. I'd recommend Madara for another good VRC6 soundtrack (and the SNES sequels have strong music, too.) By the way, why has Zophar.net gone down several times lately?
  3. Amazing, best CV3 remix around; as much as I like PowerGoat's collection, most of the game's songs weren't meant for guitar, let alone the long freestyles he goes on; the orchestra style here is perfect. There are downbeat, upbeat, etc. parts that flow neatly between each other...love it. Both the plain NES and VRC6 versions were great and this takes both of them to a different level.
  4. Play the Japanese Castlevania 3 (Akumajou Densetsu.) Vastly better music (VRC6 chip,) slightly better graphics and gameplay. Madara is a good Konami RPG that also has excellent VRC6 music, and is Japanese but has a translation hack (go to Aeon Genesis.) A little inconvenient in the gameplay department, though. I want to see the Lagrange Point translation finished!
  5. yeah that ain't real nes stuff, it barely sounds like it go to virt.vgmix.com for real nes style remix stuff you can listen to child molester michael jackson's thriller song remixed in vrc6 format--the kind thats in the japanese castlevania 3 holy shit I'm drunk and have trouble typing straight
  6. http://virt.vgmix.com/index.php?page=chip 2A03 is AWESOME for chiptune remixes too, http://www.2a03.org/browse.php/2A03/archive/covers
  7. Tragic Prince is just too good to be remixed...you can't add much depth to it, and changing style would kill it. For those who need samples, ffshrine should do the trick...
  8. I know someone made a couple guitar remixes of Bucky a while back, but it was probably either a lost WIP or a lost VGMix song. Actually I loved how Virt made a couple nsf-style remixes of real songs a while back, including of Michael Jackson's (cough pedophile cough) Thriller in Konami VRC6 format.
  9. True, it was mostly facetious. But there's a saying that celebrity deaths mostly come in twos/threes/etc.
  10. Wow. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18279135/ http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070423/ap_on_re_eu/obit_yeltsin_1 And Kurt Vonnegut a few days ago...what is it with prominent politicians/political writers the last few days?
  11. You don't like the ones on here, then I'd recommend googling BliNd's songs. Not much deviation from the originals but some nice new instruments (A Shot of Crisis is amazing both in its original and here.)
  12. And so it goes. Harrison Bergeron was nice story that hasn't been mentioned yet...really gave meaning to "some are more equal than others."
  13. Here is an excellent set of Vulcan Venture (using that arcade name so as not to confuse it with the MSX sequel) remixes and other Konami stuff--foreign language but you should be able to pick out the MP3s... http://park19.wakwak.com/~cherry/oto/index_source.htm http://k6a.dip.jp/oto/H-FCGRII-ST6.mp3 is probably my favorite among the Vulcan Venture ones. The Castlevania 3 ones are awesome, too. Interesting how they put a lot of songs into quasi-NES format.
  14. Anyone up for mixing a few military beats from this game in a medley? I like "Voice of Ark" (spc track 11,) "Move" (spc track 9,) Warning One (track 21,) and almost all the others. It'd sound best with the infamous "hidden sample" if you can (provided it doesn't violate any copyrights to do so--seeing as it was originally borrowed from Fun^Da^Mental's "Dog Tribe.") Also, if there are any rules regarding dirty words please edit them out of that...however, it'd be cool to title a remix "C18 Is Watching You," LOL.
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