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Final Boss Theme

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I'm picturing industrial drums playing some kind of pseudo-hip hop beat and guitar power chords over this. The piano would need some serious reverb, and maybe some kind of a ping-pong delay...but this is severely underdeveloped at the moment. 58 seconds of two instruments playing without any musical context around them probably isn't the ideal time to post. Develop it some more and see where it goes.

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...yeah... sounds kinda... 10% to me. if it progresses past this point, i think a repost is in order. the uneven piano doesn't really catch on to me, but the strings (peaceful as they are) are actually pretty clean.

...seems kinda shallow. maybe after some lushing...

my final boss themes (dorky as that sounds, but considering everyone who's ever had a music program has attempted it) tend to be the amalgamations of all the styles present within the game idea at fruition. the climax. try incorperating small themes or instruments familiar to what you've used to convey the game already.

...i hope that helps...and doesn't sound assish...

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