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    been forever since i checked back here. man, my old stuff sucked. anyways, i'm a writer, musically, lyrically, and in general prose works. i'm constantly creating something in some medium.
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  1. this has a very smooth motion to it, which is great. i have no bickers, really. this seems like something that would play in an extensive ice area setting (like metroid or something), where it picks up the pace and slows back down often. this is easy to listen to.
  2. i started on this, and noticed an instrument pattern: pretty much the whole set could be replicated on a YM2612. is someone has the guts, it'd be neat expirement, i'd think. anyways, this is new, and really mellow for me. it's built to loop, like most of my music, so it just sorta fades off after a bit. there's very few things going on in it, and i admit that. it's for casual ambience than an in-your-face speedrun soundtrack (which is along my norm.) the site sucks, but it holds my files for stuff like this. http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/187632/moment-of-thought-mp3.html comments or otherwise appreciated. edit: noticed a mistake (oops), but i doubt you'd hear it unless you have a keen ear for inconsistancy (sp?). i don't think it's worth a repost at this point. percussion error. very minor.
  3. oooooookay. no takers, then? BUMP!
  4. i really like this. especially the shaky sad string instrument (can't be too sure which it is). i don't have any soundsets or VSTs with anything like that, and even if i try to manufacture one, it never ends well. but yeah. that was really neat. very subtle sometimes, which i can enjoy. if you haven't forged a title for this yet, i would suggest something along the lines of like "Revenant Sine" or something. I have a habit of being overly wordy, so i dunno if that'd suit your style or not.
  5. Basically, this is 7 tracks from a playaround project with 2 extra songs from (wow) Extras. Most of the Extras are simply things my father would urge me to create during some visits or disconnected and very singular expirements or songs. The OST incenteve is a collection of themes and ideas revolving around individual game music concepts. This is a stub release, but i've scrapped/ignored many older tracks. if you enjoy any of these, let me know. questions, comments, and concerns are appreciated. hell, if you can convince me, i might do some requests (not doing remixes right now). anyways, here's the link. it's a .rar file: http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/187012/OSt-incentive--with-Extras--rar.html if you're interested, visit my myspacemusic page at: http://www.myspace.com/darkmeleemusic if you need a friend, just ask. i had to start from scratch some time back, due to the deletion of my old account (without my consent...), so i'm desperate for REAL people as friends. i keep putting a miniplayer on the page for the other songs, but it's crap, soooo, only four tracks available for listen, as opposed to the prior 15 attempted. eh. have fun and peace out.
  6. hey, i'm working on a song (which i accidentally recorded a little off-leveled, but 'eh') and i can't decide whether to put words in it or not... any opinion'd be nice, but my real dillemma is whether it's worth lyrics or not. http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/162569/slow-mp3.html
  7. i liked that. the style and everything was nice and smooth. the guitar lead in sounded kinda off-level from the rest, but it sure didn't really hurt anything. nice.
  8. i get ya. i think it's that wierd thing i used that just plays in the left side (or ear, for me). it kinda clutters with the rest, and i might dissolve the choir vibrato a bit too, or take it out entirely. this isn't prime recording, but i don't think i can sample at an insane rate like i wanna.
  9. i really liked that. it had a nice style and everything. heh, i also liked the obvious allusions.
  10. ...i neeed to make another music page and STICK WITH IT... (edit) i forgot to actually SAY something, sorry! i actually enjoyed that stuff. pretty good.
  11. ...yeah... sounds kinda... 10% to me. if it progresses past this point, i think a repost is in order. the uneven piano doesn't really catch on to me, but the strings (peaceful as they are) are actually pretty clean. ...seems kinda shallow. maybe after some lushing... my final boss themes (dorky as that sounds, but considering everyone who's ever had a music program has attempted it) tend to be the amalgamations of all the styles present within the game idea at fruition. the climax. try incorperating small themes or instruments familiar to what you've used to convey the game already. ...i hope that helps...and doesn't sound assish...
  12. i dunno who really listens to these on a regular basis, but it'd be great if i could get an opinion on this piece. it sounded better through an equalizer ROCK setting, but it recorded better at the default setting (POP). any comments'd be great. thanks. the quality of the recording is kinda iffy at the moment. i STILL haven't perfected the the "full body" sound yet. also, i screwed up on a reverse cymbal rise, but it doesn't matter on the WIP i guess. http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/154702/here---now-mp3.html (edit) i didn't really put much of a description for this, huh? it's uhh...hmm...i guess it's just hard to describe...
  13. iI have here three completely different pieces of music that I would like some opinions on. I'm aware they still have midi drums and stuff in them, but until I find a suitable replacement... they're staying. I make no gaurantees about volume. I think they might be a bit weak on the decibals, but my sound card is a whole mess of volumes. I can't kill all the resonance of the third one or I lose the effect, but I'm sure the music'll shine more than the vibrato at most points. enjoy (hopefully) and somebody gimme some feedback. it'd be great. http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/131933/electrik-mp3.html http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/131936/funky-mp3.html http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/131940/whilst-you-wait-mp3.html if you wanna use these for anything go fer it. just gimme props if you use it in something on the web or anything like that.
  14. there's a great deal of pleasance to this, and I highly appreciate that. I'm a "wall of sound" person, but this was a nice and relaxing piece that seems suited as actual soundtrack music. I would suggest smoother instrumentation (like the "choir"), meaning the notes don't travel naturally...and I'm assuming that it's a midi csource (before effects?), which is why. Some filters and effects coulde real" that up pretty easy though, but it's not truly necessary. If you've got the gall, you could try to record your own source, vocally ...but I wouldn't will it if you wouldn't wanna. sbf is a decent place, but the beauraucracy is annoying. also, I use it too.
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