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Original Video Game Music - "Metallic Lava"


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I come with a short piece I wrote in awe of killing time while I should be studying for my music final tomorrow. lol. It reminds me of machinery, factories, and lava; I don't know why it does, but it's just imagery I guess. I can't help but think of Sonic 3D Blast for some reason...


EDIT: After listening to this 100 times (2.5 hours), I have realized that it reminds me of the Bionicle Heroes OST by Tom Miller (GBA version).

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Well that's a good thing for it to remind you of!

Anyway, I've given it a listen.

I actually like where you're going with this. My one major complaint is probably just that piano melody you have - something about the way you have it sequenced makes it go off-key from the background every so often. Not a big deal.

But seriously, I could totally hear this playing in a factory in a game. Cool stuff. You ought to try a few more of these "scenario" kind of songs.

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