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    I'm a solo electronic music artist based in San Diego, and I like to explore many musical genres and concepts using big beats, massive synths, and open soundscapes. My music focuses on memorable melodies and recurring themes, and is heavily influenced by OCRemix!

    I joined OCR in 2004, and found interest in producing electronic music almost entirely in sequencing and audio editing software, maintaining a unique style which often attempts to integrate two or more opposing musical patterns or textures. I also play piano and studied Music Recording/Technology at CSU Monterey Bay.
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    Gary Western
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    Lord of the manor - king of the castle

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  1. You're going to really love level 7-7 ("Music Madness") of Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's exactly this, except some things aren't right on the 4 - some are on every one beat, some every 8, and so on. Some also move platforms in rhythm instead of hitting them. I feel like it was definitely inspired by that level of SMG2. You can watch a runthrough of the level here (but spoilers if you haven't played this awesome game before):
  2. i'm on your page and crono is currently the site avatar

  3. Come on, this comparison doesn't work at all. OCR does what it does with the intention of honoring the original music and talent. What's more, most of the artists here don't find tons of money and success by doing it. The same can't be said for many of the examples posted here. Personally, I like hearing some of these examples. Also, anyone ripping on Kanye for using Daft Punk needs to listen to this:
  4. This is an excellent idea. Setting Redial as my ringtone right now.
  5. Oh wow, no wonder I got tripped up - the theme you actually had sounds really similar to the Myst IV theme. Here are the two themes we're talking about so everyone can compare:
  6. Yeah, because when Super Mario Bros was packed with the NES, that was different, right? I actually agree with him. I don't think pack-ins should count at all, including SMB, Wii Sports, and Tetris - just show the copies of those games bought by themselves. I know there probably won't be many, but that's because those games were given away, not really sold! Anyway, I got 34 - forgot about Duck Hunt, a couple pokemon titles, and the gran turismo series.
  7. Hmmmm, I might be wrong, but I believe one or more of those are from Myst IV. Also, welcome!
  8. The most I can say I heard was a 1-UP sound effect as someone's text message ringtone.
  9. I can't believe I never commented on this mix. I have to say, this is probably my favorite SMB underworld remix ever. At the beginning I wasn't expecting to like it but I was sufficiently blown away. You use some excellent effects, you've got a great solo, and the arrangement was carefully thought out. My favorite part is definitely the transition from 1:53 to 2:13 finishing in that little riff with the guitar - very fulfilling. If I had to pick out any issues, it would be that the mix feels a little crowded near the end and it's tough to hear the low end - but otherwise, spectacular track!
  10. YES. This track is HOT. The bassline kills me, and you have a masterful sense of putting every little beat in just the right place to jam. You're better than ever and each of these just leaves me craving more. Honestly these extended jam tracks you've done like this and Bumpin' are some of my favorites of the site.
  11. Awesome, punchy stuff. Okay, I have to admit, the compression is too intense and gripping for my tastes, but the same is true for me for many other songs in this genre, and you made the song fit like a glove - it works very well. Great work! I've been looking forward to everything new from you and this was really satisfying.
  12. I just recently listened to Calvin Harris' most recent second album Ready for the Weekend and was totally disappointed. His first album had STYLE and was really unique. There were a lot of insanely catchy, funky tracks on there - that's why I was so ready for the new one. But the new album is totally different - it sounds like he completely sold out, and it's all really generic stuff that sounds like everything else.
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