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Fire Emblem - Dancing Flames

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Quite a while ago I was making a remix of "Together We Ride" from FE7 but it died for 3 reasons:

1. I got bored with it

2. I wasn't an experienced enough remixer

3. I needed some better soundfonts

But it's back from the dead now that I've resolved (to a certain extent anyway) the above problems. Note that this WiP is still just a rough draft of what I hope to achieve.


I was thinking that maybe it would be cool to have some female vocals instead of the main moog lead. Would that be a good idea? I'd need someone to write the lyrics and someone to sing and record the lyrics though. Maybe some male rapping to the hiphop-esque part as well.

Also, can anyone suggest a less crummy name for the piece than "Dancing Flames"? It would be greatly appreciated :lol:

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You, my friend, have excellent taste in games/game music. I'm unfamiliar with this source though - maybe you could post a link to the original for comparison?

Commenting on this as if it were an original, I'll say that it's too repetitive. The hip hop section is good at breaking that up a bit, but the chord progression remains unchanged throughout the entire mix.

Another thing - it's too short. I'd be surprised if you can get a mix that short by the judges successfully, especially given the genre.

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