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The Damned

Searching for DS lite protective casing

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I'm trying to find a site that sells these plastic screens/body protectors for a DS Lite. I found it about a month ago, but since then have lost the site, and even the name. And after a few hours of searching through game sites and Google, I still can't find the exact site I'm looking for.

The closest one I've found was Shield Zone's Invisible Shield, but this was my second choice. The one I'm trying to find covers more of the outer case. And I'm pretty sure that the company name was initials.

The only other clue I have was that it was linked from Joystiq or Kotaku (yes, I've even gone through all of their search systems and their archives), and the original article had a graphic that displayed a comparison between the Shield Zone product and the one I'm looking for. They used red to show the different surface areas covered.

Seriously, I've spent the last four hours trying to find the damn thing, and I still haven't been able to even get remotely close to it. I've checked my history, I've checked Google, I've read through every gaming site I've been to in the last month... nothing.

If anyone knows of any plastic cover or film sets for a DS lite, link them, please. Maybe the one I'm looking for will show up.

Thanks for you help.

EDIT: After contacting a few other people, I finally found it. Best Skins Ever was the name of the site.

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