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I finally finished that Britney Spears mashup

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've heard it before, obviously, when it was more wip-y... I liked it then, and I like it more now that it's finished. It's always fun to hear a Toxic mix that takes liberties with the instrumental bits... you're way better at using many source tracks than I am.

I have only two suggestions:

1. The rest of the song didn't feel like a joke. For that reason, the chipmonk-y stuff from 2:50-2:55, that did sound a joke, felt very out of place. I'd recommend playing around with scratching the vocals, instead of upping the pitch like that.

2. The concept on the ending was neat, much better than a simple fadeout... but it was way too long. It was like a minute of garbage. It should really be at most half that, or you should make it less painful.

If you fix that, I would recommend posting it to GYBO, as it is sufficiently not-sucky that I think people would enjoy it. Definitely don't try the "guess the contents" game there, though - tell people everything that's in it, or you'll just get flamed.

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