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*NO* Ninja Gaiden 'Sudden Loss' *FT*


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Hi orkybash,

I've submitted 3 remixes to overclocked, the first of which happened early

in july..I believe they were originally submitted via this email account or

...I first submitted via email and have since then put

them on a web page. My login name is goat and the 3 submissions are at

The link called Ninja Gaiden Sad is for the song called "Sudden Loss." This

is the one I'd like to have reviewed first.

Game - Ninja Gaiden

Title - Sudden Loss

Credit to "goat" (my OC Remix user name) if you decide it's worthy.

Another one that got emailed to me because it's been months since they submitted them

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Well, the samples aren't that great, but what makes them worse is that a lot of them seem to be panned hard right or hard left. Though some attempt is made to balance it it's still kind annoying to listen to. Messy section around :53. I think the strings are hitting some bad notes. Plucked strings around 1:34 do some ugly stuff that I'm not really liking. The ending, though adequate, could use some more thought. And the whole thing could use some post-processing - reverb, EQ, that sort of stuff.

All in all, I think this remix has great potential, and I would love to see it re-submitted with a little more work put into it. But for now, there's just too many "woulds coulda shoulda's" for me to post it.


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Yep, this has some potential. However, while the arrangement may be good, the samples used are not. This is also in need of reverb.

1.26 what? Ok, now the pizz is playing some next melody that does not go with the rest at all. This bit is very off-key.

1.50. Huh? It's gone really nice now. I like this bit a lot.

This needs better samples overall, and I don't know what happened with the pizz between 1.26 and the 1.50 bit, but that pizz either needs to go away for that section, or another melody put in it's place. Needs some more work.


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I don't know about this mix.

As previously stated it has potential. The arrangement is good, although a little empty sounding at times, which was probably the intention: to give it a "sad" feel or some such thing.

Wow. I just noticed the part Malcos was talking about with the off key notes my second time listening. Those sound pretty awful actually, even though the guitar mostly masks it.

I'd say that those have to be changed for sure. As for the rest of the mix, it is good, but I think it might benefit from a sample overhaul.

Vote: No

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This is a beautiful arrangement - THOUGH, the dynamic atmosphere of the mix is not something that is very beautiful itself. The dirty samples panned hard left and hard right don't work very well. My suggestion would be to use some reverb (But not too much) to give it some atmosphere. Starting at about 1:49, though, I really enjoy this mix. It's absolutely stunning. If only the entire mix was of this quality, though.

Try fixing up the first minute and 49 seconds. NO.

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