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  1. Listening again 13 years later. This song is still awesome.
  2. Oh my god the site is going to be 20 this year.
  3. I only have one copy of Wily 3 Impendium, and it appears to be only slightly different than yours (I'm thinking just an older encoding): 4:45, 160kbps, 5.45mb. Just in case I have something that someone else doesn't have, I just copied all the Dan mixes I have into a folder and shared it: https://app.sugarsync.com/iris/wf/D7279007_4768505_6400117 It's still uploading though, so some things may not be available for a bit. Also, please ignore the naming convention (as there isn't one). I have such a mix of old OCR, VGMix, new OCR, etc. that it's all pretty much the filenames they were at the time I downloaded.
  4. I have a version of it. https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D7279007_4768505_6336882
  5. Okay, somehow I completely overlooked that... I was thinking 4 or 6 since those are the ones I've played the most, but at this point I'm not even sure. Actually, in all fairness I did find it ( ) but it was blocked in my country.
  6. Okay, this has been driving me crazy for a couple days. I heard this song on my friend's iPod and there's a section of it that I totally recognized and I'm sure it was straight out of one of the FF soundtracks, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could help me figure it out. I wasn't able to find the original Daft Punk song on YouTube, but this cover version is good enough to demonstrate the part I'm talking about: http://youtu.be/DgGZgVf8zpQ?t=2m14s Any ideas? Am I just crazy? I tried doing some Googling to no effect, the best I could come up with was a link back to a remix here on OCR, which DOES have a part similar to that section, but I'm sure it's not what I was thinking of.
  7. I just had to say this totally reminded me of music from The Transformers: The Movie (the original) soundtrack, then when I read the write up and saw the Vince DiCola reference it totally made sense.
  8. His Twitter too. In fact, most of the links under the References section on his artist profile are dead. http://ocremix.org/artist/4440/blind
  9. Well if his YouTube page is any indication he hasn't completely quit at least. It says his last visit was 6 hours ago.
  10. Hey! I was not drunk when I drew that, thank you very much.
  11. No, *I* suck!


    Er, wait...

  12. Holy moly.. ten years? I'm starting to feel dated, heh.
  13. Done. http://therks.com/public/Wild_Arms_minipsf.rar
  14. I think so, and what I didn't get off VGMix I might have gotten from him directly.
  15. Okay, I gotta ask something, what is this song called? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQzKdqPBpO0 Does it have a name or is it just like "Music Finale"??
  16. I used to have all his stuff, thought I still did but I can't find them. I still have a CD that has all (I think) of his MM3 stuff, keep it in my car and listen to it all the time. I even made goofy album art for it. I do have 5 Blaster Master mixes by him, if anybody wants them: Blaster Master - 01 - Prologue in A Minor - VGMix.mp3 Blaster Master - 02 - Into the Blue - VGMix.mp3 Blaster Master - 03 - Cruising the Dark Ages - VGMix.mp3 Blaster Master - 04 - Direct Current Trance - VGMix.mp3 Blaster Master - 05 - Swizzle Swamp - VGMix.mp3 http://therks.com/public/DiscoDan-BlasterMaster.zip
  17. I will gladly host it, I would rather enjoy having that set of files for myself.
  18. Oh no, not me. I'm no remixer. I do not have the leet skillz.
  19. Wootah! I've always wanted more Wild Arms love on OCR, never expected a whole album though. Although I didn't know any of the songs by these names, and just spent the last 10 minutes figuring out which ones I'm eager to hear, I'm glad to see they're well represented (Eagerly awaiting Beatdrop's take on "Battle Demon"!). Have to say though I'm super curious about who's covering "Kishum Flame", I loved that tune in the game. On a completely separate note, how did everybody else pronounce "Elw" when they played the game? I had one friend pronounce it "Yewl", while another said "Lew". When I first played the game I used an awkward "El-wuh" but then I started thinking the "w" was just a mistranslation, or typo, of a "v" and I just started thinking of them as elves. Then the internet came along and I saw mp3's named like "Village of the Eru", and now I just checked Wikipedia, and it says it's pronounced "el-loo", so I guess that's where it sits. I think next time I play it though I'm gonna call them El-wuhs.
  20. I'm not even sure how to disable the smileys.. the only options I see are "Show your signature" and "Automatically parse links in text"
  21. I've wanted to hear an interpretation of this song (or any of the songs, most of the boss themes are cool) ever since I played through the game years ago, and just the other night I was going through my SPC folder and re-found it, so here I am making an "official" request again (I did one years ago on the old forums). SPC: http://www.therks.com/public/Ninjawarriors-Stage5-Boss.spc MID: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/ninja_warriors_-_boss_5.mid Video of the boss fight: youtube.com /watch?v=p88OrNzibsA Anybody willing to pick this up, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! Rob *Edit: Bah, I just want to LINK to the YouTube video, not embed it. How does one do that? I even tried wrapping it with [ noparse ] tags...
  22. I can honestly say I never noticed the similarities before watching the video.
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