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Megadrive Moment


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i started on this, and noticed an instrument pattern: pretty much the whole set could be replicated on a YM2612.

is someone has the guts, it'd be neat expirement, i'd think.

anyways, this is new, and really mellow for me. it's built to loop, like most of my music, so it just sorta fades off after a bit. there's very few things going on in it, and i admit that. it's for casual ambience than an in-your-face speedrun soundtrack (which is along my norm.)

the site sucks, but it holds my files for stuff like this.


comments or otherwise appreciated.

edit: noticed a mistake (oops), but i doubt you'd hear it unless you have a keen ear for inconsistancy (sp?). i don't think it's worth a repost at this point. percussion error. very minor.

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