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NES Willow 'The Battle Call' Cinema Orchestral


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Here http://ultimate9550.googlepages.com/willowthebattlecallwip is result of some work (there is link to the source also). The remix WIP is of Willow Nockmaar castle theme. Song is played at the entrance to the Nockmaar Castle, and inside the castle. I am not sure if the style is pure classic, but that should be destination. Any advice is appreciated.

Also I have updated Shadowgate 'Trance Room', here is the page for that: http://ultimate9550.googlepages.com/shadowgatetranceroomwip

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Some of your samples seem a little distracting. The choir patch is good, but the solo violin/viola is really not doing it for me; the attack is unintentionally hilarious.

The opening needs some double bass I think, It appears very empty and floating. Maybe some harp for some rhythmic elements.

I also recommend adding an additional section or something to give it a little more length, it seems to and a bit abruptly before it can really get fleshed out.

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