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Final Fantasy 6 - the nightmare oath

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From the opera scene, the focus is on the conflict between Draco and Prince Ralse. Once the lyrics are done, it'll better describe the conflict, but the general theme of each section is

0:01 Intro

0:42 Draco at war

1:33 Prince Ralse sacks Maria's castle

1:58 Draco's Return Journey

2:57 The Duel of Draco and Ralse

3:21 Fight to the death

4:14 *Ending goes here*





To do:

Fill out some middle sections with percussion; guitar; transitions, etc.

Record the fast guitar part at 3:00ish...if I DARE!!!

Write the ending

Finish lyrcs and record the vocals (the horn parts will be replaced with the vocal lines)

Anything else that comes up due to crits

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Just listened to it, you've done a great job capturing the intense mood of the conflict. I wasn't expecting the metal style, but I think it works. I can't wait to hear it with the lyrics, but it's pretty sweet with the horns as it is.

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Can't wait for the complete version as this versions is quite good. Captures the spirit of the opera's plot. It's practically perfect, though personally felt that the metal was.. soft. idk if it's just me that for a metal-ish piece it didn't leave much of an impact on as other metal remix songs.

Loved the orchestral aspects but felt the metal was soft.

Overall it's good :D

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ok, have a decent update with an ending and some additional detail parts.

Tweek had a lot of good advice, so i'll be adding a few things he suggested as well.

There is a lot of EQ stuff that needs to be done to clean it up but I am abysmal at that kind of thing so it may take awhile.

I failed to be able to play the duel section on my guitar in a clean manner so i added a piccolo part. Not digging it, so i'll replace the sample with something else.

Besides all that, I just need to do lyrics and vocal recording.


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Been listening to this alot the past few days and was able to pick out a few things.

In general there are lots of sweeping melodies in the upper registers in the first half. They sound nice but the instruments sound thin and need a lil more presence. Maybe try some tremelo srtings in certain key areas.

During the intro the harp carries the most presence. IMO the strings should be louder and their texture should take the foreground. Right now the transition at :44 feels a lil sudden. Having the strings crescendo up to :44 would really enhance the feel. This help ease the transition of the guitar IMO.

When it comes times to master I'd say give lot of attention to the kick. IMO a kick with a very strong presence in the low end placed at keys times in climaxes in the songs will add another thematic elements to enhance the feel of the mix. You could also use a orchestral bass drum and leave the rock kick drum as is.

3:08 have some arco strings come in playing the melody might sound pretty sweet.

A section where the marcato strings play the same as the rhythm gutiars would kick ass towards the end.

Oh yeah the brass sounds awesome throughout. Sounds great in the latter parts of the mix. Can't wait to hear the finished of this one dude. :)

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