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  1. Speaking of Brandon Sanderson, I just started reading Warbreaker, which just came out today. It is wonderful so far.
  2. Syka

    Star Trek

    Well of course. This is Star Trek we're talking about.
  3. I agree. I am intrigued, though.
  4. Xyco, your sig goes extremely well with this song.
  5. This is actually pretty good. I would love to read more. Are you looking for feedback or criticism at all?
  6. cp_steel? Moar liek cp_where_the_f***_are_any_of_the_points, m i rite?
  7. My vote is with disabling the soundbites. They're obnoxious and don't fit the TF2 style. Of course, I probably don't actually get a vote since I still don't have internet at home and can't play on the server at gametime.
  8. Wish I could play with you guys some more, but I'm at my brother's house right now and his computer isn't fast enough. And I don't get my new laptop for another week and a half. PS: Less Dustbowl, more anything else.
  9. [EDITOR'S NOTE: April 2, 2008 - 12:01 a.m. PST. Yup, you guessed it. The Legend of Zelda trailer featured above is part of an elaborate April Fool's Day prank. Check back in later today for more details on the IGN/Rainfall Films collaboration that resulted in this "love it or hate it" piece of videogame movie history.]
  10. The hyperlink is still typo'd.
  11. Another thing today's update shows is that there's probably at least two more franchises they haven't announced yet. Look at the filenames for the icons. http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_01.gif - Smash Bros. http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_02.gif - Donkey Kong http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_03.gif - Star Fox http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_04.gif - Kirby http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_05.gif - F-Zero http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_06.gif - Metroid http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_07.gif - Earthbound http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_08.gif - Pokemon http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_09.gif - Zelda http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_10.gif - Mario http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_11.gif - Yoshi http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_12.gif - Fire Emblem http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_13.gif - Unknown http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_14.gif - Ice Climbers http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_15.gif - Animal Crossing http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_16.gif - Wario http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_17.gif - Metal Gear http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_18.gif - Kid Icarus http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_19.gif - Unknown http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_20.gif - Sonic Notice that 1-11 are from SSB, 12&14 are new to SSBM, and 15 onward are new to SSBB. Leads me to believe that 13 is Game & Watch, and 19 is a new franchise. (Note: This idea has been previously posted on this thread by someone else, but with Sonic's inclusion, we now know that there's most likely another new franchise.)
  12. Okay, I'm really excited for this game. However... Am I the only one worried by the fact that all the stages we've seen are essentially flat pieces of ground with a few platforms in the air?
  13. Just listened to it, you've done a great job capturing the intense mood of the conflict. I wasn't expecting the metal style, but I think it works. I can't wait to hear it with the lyrics, but it's pretty sweet with the horns as it is.
  14. Syka

    Nintendo Wii

    I checked the site out and used some fake information to get through the checkout, and I got: ...uh huh. I'm going to send you money in the mail. Of course.
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