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Haha, nice intro it makes me happy listening to it, nice and simple, but it sounds really good, not enough music makers make things simple enough nice panning job at this point. Very nice simple mix, but it sounds very good. Doesn't really pick up much, doesn't really slow down, just kind of keeps going, but it's very peaceful. I could definitely let this put me to sleep (that's a complement). It kind of sounds as though it should finish at 4:30, but the actual endiing is fine too. Not much for me to say really, sorry for not being much of a help.

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Thanks for your reply, I understand what you mean. There's not much changes or build-up, and wasn't sure if I should shake it up some, but thought it best to keep it mellow. There are some things I'd like to tweak here and there, but I feel like there's something lacking, and I'm not really sure what. Maybe it's arrangement.

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