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  1. Wow. Great piece. I'm a Yoko Shimomura fan as well (the Darkness Nova from Legend of Mana being my favorite vgm--I'd like to hear that remixed), and I didn't know she did KH2; maybe I'll have to look into playing it, or at least hear the OST. I can definitely tell it was done by Shimomura without hearing the source, and you captured the epic magnitude of her work.
  2. R&B usually isn't my thing, most likely because all I hear lyrically from mainstream artists are way overdone and cliche. Not the case with Malcos, and I was amazed with his vocals (I'm assuming it's him) being of top-notch quality, along with his groove. I love Both Sides!
  3. I thank you for an introduction into something wholly bizarre and entertaining. Plus, that tune is very catchy; I must say it's an instant favorite ;P
  4. Yeah, great stuff, like everyone has been saying ... I can't find anything to say that's critical. Like Davidicus said above, that panning effect is cool with the 'whoosh', and the falling notes following behind for the finish @ 3:24. Very polished and well-rounded I think ... I wish I heard the earlier versions. Cool beans.
  5. I didn't put a typical bass instrument in there, but I did beef up the after-effects of Sytrus' "Bellarina", which has a very deep tone. I put it on my phone, and the bass is pretty much nonexistent, so speakers do matter. Perhaps something more mid-range bass would be better?
  6. I just thought I'd post it for some feedback ;D >On the Breeze< Chillax, hobo Nick is here to help.
  7. Haha, I like it. You voice isn't that bad, and it's a tough mother to sing, I'm sure. Maybe you should just go balls out and give it the "I don't care what my voice sounds like" approach. It'd be punk as hell.
  8. Thanks for your reply, I understand what you mean. There's not much changes or build-up, and wasn't sure if I should shake it up some, but thought it best to keep it mellow. There are some things I'd like to tweak here and there, but I feel like there's something lacking, and I'm not really sure what. Maybe it's arrangement.
  9. Hi guys, I've just recently gotten into using FL Studios, and would like some feedback and/or advice. I messed around with the Sisters' theme in the Phoenix Wright series: >>Click here to listen!<< Intro's 4/4, turns 3/4 waltz, and is a very mellow piece. Thanks! EDIT: also thought I'd point out it's 5:30 long.
  10. Hey, I'm new at this myself, but thought I'd try and help. Clipping happens when there is too much going on at high levels of volume, so if you lower the levels while keeping the balance you like until the master gauge peaks right under the red clipping bar, then you won't be getting that distortion. If you're using FL Studios, you can just throw the 'soft clipper' effect onto the master mixer channel, although I don't know if there are any drawbacks in doing so.
  11. I like. It feels very dream-like, and the end is where the paranoia and darkness set in. Maybe a nightmare version could be made to compliment this track for a seamless transition. ;P I dunno. Very chill; nice work.
  12. I can't believe this has so few reviews. This one's an OCR classic as far as I'm concerned. Hmm, as for a review from me ... all I can say is that CotMM makes the source tune his bitch. Edit: err, rather their bitch.
  13. Hmm, I made a comment about clipping before, and I really don't know what I was talking about ... maybe something wrong with my speakers then. It was a while back. Anyhow, I had to re-DL pretty much everything, and came across this again. Oh man, it's so happy. I love it; it's one of the best.
  14. I love this. The vocal sample used as emphasis sounds a lot like Mike Doughty. I do agree with the guy above that it doesn't expand too much from where it starts, but I'm diggin' it nonetheless.
  15. I like this piece, but the quality of it really gets on my nerves ... there is so much clipping it should've at least been dusted off before being posted on OCR. My 2 cents. Rock on Disco Dan.
  16. Of all the Megaman tracks on OCR, I enjoyed "It's Boss Time" the most. It's pretty simple compared to the others, but it creates the most vivid images in my mind. The gate closing down in the beginning, the fierce battle that follows, and the inevitable failure at the end. A very appropriate use of Megaman's death sfx. Another great thing is that it's the soundtrack to most all bosses, and can have many different scenerios to be played to. I suppose the main reason for liking this track tremendously is because of the nostalgia it creates*. Even though it isn't an overly unique concept, the arrangement was put together very nicely. Thank you much, Gux! Word. I also dug "Wily Metal" hardcore. *by the way, I don't suck. I made the bosses eat it with no sweat; I owned them. No, truly, they were a piece of cheese cake. You doubt me? Aw.
  17. I was very happy to see the song on OCR, and even happier when I listened to it ... just like most of the people who posted, I was blown away by Flameman's theme when I first heard it (at my birthday party). Thank you, EvilHorde, for making such a splendid remix. You know, the first time through, I wasn't too sure about the vocals, but now I really dig it. I second M Sipher's request for Windman.
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