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Zelda: OOA - Remember the Ember


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This was my bonus entry in PRC98. Source tune is Crescent Island from Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

The title refers to the incident involving a trade between Link and a couple Tokays on the island after the dungeon. Link gives them ember seeds in exchange for Dimitri, the animal that helps you cross the sea. The Tokays, being as smart as they are, promptly eat the seeds and run away with their heads on fire. Anyway, this remix is meant to show the world through the eyes of a Tokay. Kind of childish and a little beachy. XD

Oh yeah, and pieces of the Moonlit Grotto theme pop up here and there. As well as a short surprise at the end.


Someday it might be good enough to submit to OLR, if I get a lot of critique. XD

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The kick is pretty wimpy and I am not sure if i am hearing a lot of clipping or if you are intending on all the distortion throughout in the drums.

The arrangement is fun, but could use some panning, it seemed pretty centrally mixed, and the lead synth seemed slightly lofi. I liked the steel drums though, it did give it a nice feel. :-)

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