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Good w/ video editing, CG, digital art, image manipulation? Help make a music video!


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Hey all you video/art geeks out there. I'm gonna cut to the chase - I am looking for someone to make a music video for my song "The Art of Zen" (click the title to listen to it). I'm NOT looking for a traditional music video that revolves around actors and/or the band doing this and that. I'm looking for something creative that doesn't involve people (or at least, not me) which will probably be grounded in CG or image/video manipulation. Some "tags" to describe what I'm going for would include: soaring, inspirational, motivating, peaceful, serene, flowing, bright, and evolving. If you listen to the song you'll hear what I mean. There is a sort of "darker" minor part but most of the song is uplifting.

Here's an example video for an instrumental song, "Star Guitar" by the Chemical Brothers. The song and the video are both cool - I'm not looking for this level of synchronization, though some synchronization would be cool.

And of course... compensation. Volunteers would be great, but I am willing to pay depending on resources needed, scope of the video, etc. Chances are we'll be leaning on back-end income a little more - we'll work out the details in private. If you're interested, please post here. Don't PM or email, I get so many that it's hard to keep track. Try to provide a general schedule of when you could work on it, a concept, maybe some sketches, and anything else you might find relevant.

Thanks in advance!

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