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Trouble with Sonar (and applications in general) in Vista!

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So I just got an awesome new laptop and I transfered a whole bunch of stuff onto it from my old computer, which includes sonar. However, I cannot get plugins to work that i tried to install after the initial installation of Sonar... which includes Edirol VSC (which I use a lot) and sfz (which i use a LOT). I tried going into the security part of the folder and setting it so i have full control, but that still doesn't really change anything--the application will not change. I also tried removing the folder from program files but then the application wouldn't start up at all-- something about a sequencer DLL error. Anybody know what I should do? I would like to keep remixing!

If it helps clarify, I had a related problem with playing cave story. I started playing it, saved my new game like once, and then tried to send my old save file into that folder. But it still would load the original save file i used the first time i played it. So i tried physically deleting the save files. And it still loaded the original save file, even though there was no save file! So i moved the entire folder to my "doug" folder (:D) and now it works fine.

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