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Donkey Kong Land - Temple Theme


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This is pretty cool, I really like the latin feel here. I feel like this could really have a lot more before you go into the quiet bit. I'm really feelin a bass solo on this. It could really use more latin percussion too, can't go wrong with rad timbale licks. And the drums could do a lot more, I think. I think at the part where you add the ride in it might not be a bad idea to go double time or something. Also your ride part isn't the best, I think it might be better to be playing quarter notes instead of just on 2 and 4. Or even try this rhythm:


which is a pretty basic ride rhythm in latin music.

Also in the end maybe incorporate some brushes on the drums, because in that section the drums particularly are a bit too mechanical.

Anyways those are just suggestions but basically my main comment here is that it's good but there is definitely more that could be done with it.

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