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Chrono Cross - work in progress

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Ok, so I finally managed to retrieve the work file for this song from this time a Year ago. I made some changes, and still need to do some balancing, thin things out a bit in a few places, and perhaps reconsider one or two instrument choices, but I otherwise am very pleased with this song. Any other thoughts before I go and submit it?

Edited for an update: http://puffberries.nrgservers.net/The%20Green%20Tentacle/8.7.7%20Promise%20In%20Perspective.mp3

Thanks for your time and feedback!

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Okay listening

Wow that bass is really in your face in the beginning... I'm not sure if it is the right instrument choice (though I really can't think of what could replace it)

Anyway, maybe you should consider a fade-in instead of hitting us in the face with it, since it repeats quite a bit until the rest comes in... I'd also consider a traditional phase/filter automation or something for this part too to get the listener ready for the rest of the song instead.

The build is pretty traditional, not that that is bad, it's just not as interesting as it "could" be, but as I see it's a genre thing, I won't say it's "boring" to me. I know what you are going for.

This actually reminds me of my first remix, albeit way better samples... You have some nice ideas with the melody and combining and layering parts, especially towards the end. I just think you can probably push this to the next level easily. Nice synths, arpegs, and backing pads for texture.

There is however, something missing... I think the song needs something else, some countermelody perhaps to go with the main melody that is played through most of the song. Some more chord experimentation, some more harmonizing or more parts to emphasize what you have already.


After a couple listens, I think if you really want to make this song shine, I'd be a little more edgy. All your instruments are very similar, maybe you should mess around with some distortion, choose some non-traditional instrumentation in certain places to emphasize the laid back feel you have going through most of the song. The drums on a whole are pretty weak, they could do with some compression, at least towards the end of the song, for a climax.

:40 - 1:05 - The melody is a cool start... But you pretty much keep repeating the lead instrument with arpegs in the background through the entire song. You need to mix it up.

1:50 - is cool at first, but I get bored with that plucked synth thing after the first measure or so, I'd really put in some counter-melody or more harmonies to back it... something has to happen here. Hell, even be more true to the source material in little snippets of backing instruments (going in and out, I can't really describe this thought haha)

2:30 - the repetition by now is just grating... Do something to that rhythmic lead that keeps going on and on and on, filter it, crossfade, pan, anything.

3:10 - Have you considered maybe trying fifths or thirds with that melody? I think it'd really help you make the song feel more developed and less repetitive.

3:10 - 4:20 is just the same thing repeated over and over, you really need to either cut this or make it more interesting...

4:20 + I'd consider a piano here instead of that lead instrument, and make the lead instrument do something else, because this is supposed to be a transition leading into the finale, and since the source material is so touching, I really think it needs a more human touch to emphasize what is coming next (if only for this part)

4:40 - that rhythmic lead comes in again, and I see what you are doing, but I don't think it should be the center of attention again, it's a nice reminder, but you really need to have more going on at 5 minutes through a reaaaaaaally repetitive song such as this by now. Consider using more of the source tune, and more intuitive chords/harmonies, counter-melodies etc. etc.

Hell, if you have a nice piano sample, I'd use it through the whole song (but that's just me, I love piano)

Anyway, I don't mean to sound harsh, it's a nice song to chill to. You must be doing something right if I've taken the time to write this damn review (listened to the song like fifty billion times)

Btw, is this FL you are using and defaults, etc.?

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Monobrow, you do sound a little too harsh. At the very least you have to admit that the 303 synth sound pretty good, and I somehow doubt that FL defaults would have such an authentic sounding 303.


Overall, I think your synths and drumwork are well delivered. The track does get a little too repetitive though. I think you need to work on the structure a little more, so it flows better with less apparent repetition. Once again, I think your synth quality and overall mastering is pretty good. Though you could make that 303 a little wetter, it would make it sound a little dreamier and I think it would fit in better.

Now, I have to admit, I am guilty of not recognizing the source at first. I was about to write some hatemail here saying that I own the soundtrack and listened to it in its entirety a lot of times, yet I don't recognize this track at all. Though when the chorus came in, I turned the song off immediately. I can't listen to this track, even after so many years it gets me emotional, for reasons that do not really belong in this forum. So, I will not listen to your track again. But before I sign off, I have one last pointer - arpeggiate the theme when it comes in. Maybe you did, and I turned it off too quickly. But if you didn't, definitely do it. If you are struggling with arpeggiation, PM me, and I will help you as much as I can (even though my resources are limited now).

Good luck!


Actually, I listened to it again. More suggestions. Drums lack the punch a little and samples are not that hot, especially the snare. The pads you are using in one place are not that great either. This mix has a lot of potential. It is not yet ready for the panel. So work on it. Actively solicit feedback from people who make good trance and electronic tracks.

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Merry meet.

Hmm... I do agree with Mono, after giving it my ear a few times that the Bass Preset is kind of... well... In my opinion it isn't a well executed intro.

You're probably getting harsher feedback from FL users because the preset samples and preset synths are seen more tacky to fl users.

And ambient, FL Studio has a lot of potential for 303 emulation. I practically used it for all my psy-bass lines AND psy style percussion back in the day.

Green tentacle, it will help a lot if you tweaked your presets a little.

Compare the levels from the synths and percussion (intro), do you want it that different?

And maybe you can stop with the sustained notes in the piano roll for you bass synth...

You shouldn't give the synth too much control of the sequence pattern unless you know how to work the synth!

So, spill some of your eccentric creativity in the bass pattern, don't let the synth do the job for you, especially a preset man...

Blessed be!

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Sorry, Working video game retail for stupid Madden has kept me away from considering any of the feedback provided.

It becomes more and more evident to me that simply writing music using the instruments provided to me and adjusting their volume levels isn't quite sufficient.

In other words, I need to study what this program can do. I am only really familiar with the workings of the Notes themselves and don't have much experience with the computer end of remixing.

More to come once I've done some more studying, thanks for the input!

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