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  1. Just want to throw out there what I think. I don't know the whole story to this, though, I gave good effort on reading up on it. But I could prob do better lol. I also do not know the inner workings of ocremix. So keep that in mind if I say something stupid as you may accuse me of trolling. I think if I were to be 100% real here... Seriously. There is some out of turn entitlement here. All this labor in transparency -in my nutto opinion- is above and beyond, it is not something that I feel should be expected. Perhaps a *few* have a valid case-but I’m just saying that because of my lack
  2. This can be difficult I just realize... as so many other great content I am not mentioning... but for the sake of not writing a book and listing everyone lol...The works of: DJPretzel, Darkesword, mp, AmIEvil, Beatdrop, BenCousins, bLiNd, Dale North, McVaffe, Disco Dan, DHS, Injury, Jivemaster, Joe Redifer, Protricity, Rellik, SirNutz, StarBlast, TheWingless. The pieces contributed by the mentioned OCR artists, have a lot of nostalgia to me. Sometimes more positive nostalgia than the games they have remixed. I went by computermage or computersage at that time. It's almost like
  3. Merry meet my dudes. Thanksgiving is near. I've been a fan of ocremix since early 2000s and been on and off participating in the community since probably around 2003. Good times and bad lol. And since then I have witnessed many beginners and amateurs grow into quite capable artists, musicians, sound designers, producers, composers etc... even in the within the professional gaming industry. The ocremix community has been a big part of my amateur musical training and learning, and I'm sure it has been a big part in many others. I'd (and hopefully others) like to know who were the OCRem
  4. @AngelCityOutlaw You keep bringing in legalities and law into your arguments. If I'm not mistaken, the topic transcends law. The interpretation alone can make drastic changes-let alone new legislation. Instead of repeating my arguments in hopes you can specifically challenge it... I'd like to ask you a question. Would you consider The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun , as The Animals "own" ? Disneys Snow White as their own? Johnny Cash - Hurt, as his own? "Own" in the context of your words in the original post you made: Because this can be interpreted a coupl
  5. yup, I like this. If I were to try and stay open minded, the violin thing is ok, but not my cup of tea in the context of the rest of what i'm hearing. But as soon as I hit play, definitely sounds great.
  6. I think you got the logic progression all wrong. I'm not saying a remixer can artistically claim, or is entitled to the original composers work. I'm challenging these points you have made: Depending on how creative you are, a remix/rearrangement CAN be your own. The House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals... Based on your logic that I understand... That song as we know and experience it, is not theirs. Did I follow your logic correctly? If The Animals had your kind of limited mind set, we wouldn't have such a great piece of music. Because of this, I find your reasons unconvin
  7. Yes, there is as much "piggybacking" in originals (which can also be derivative work) as say an artists doing "fan fiction." For example, the successful novel "Wicked" literally "piggyback" rid the Wizard of Oz novel series. Creatively wise, I consider it having no less artistic merit than, what you would consider an "original" The Lord of the Rings. Lord of the rings, maybe be "Original" … but is it really strictly speaking "Original?" Another example, The House of the Rising Sun. Many renditions/covers etc... The Animals have made it their own. Even though Bob Dylans version was e
  8. Yes, I think I can consider myself as still Remixing/rearrange... I try to make time for it-as it is very educational when dissecting pieces from established composers. I've done remixes/rearrangements and originals for a while... and in my experience, I have learned much more doing arrangements and remixes than originals. Especially submitting remixes to the judges or to the community. Which would be my #1 drive to make remixes. The feedback that the judges give is so valuable-and it is FREE. Judges who have a good idea of what they are doing, spending their time critiquing what they ar
  9. Hey silly goose. Omg you have no visitor messages. Weirdo. *releases the pigs*

    Didn't see your message on irc cause you gotta say bestrader to highlight if that's my name yaknow

    But yeah, basically, you can claim something and we're pretty much already at final wav stage. Hopefully you can make something super good and finished, yeh? :-)

  10. Updated the remix and it is 100% final and downloadable. Already sub this. :3
  11. I think Twiggy is trying to explain a good idea in a ridiculous way. I think it would be a great idea for new remixers to have an idea *where they are* in quality by means of "ranking." Instead of a *NO! go back to the mutants* or *YES! Welcome to the elite*. It adds more fun to making remixes with a tier system-which should bring more liveliness to the scene(idk to me it seems very boring than what it used to be, even though there are more community elements now-or maybe I'm just getting old). And more of a stepping stone to high quality. And as far as the "more work to do" problem: i
  12. It's been YEARS since I've made a remix. It was hard finding the drive to finish this, but my day dreaming of a possible Advance Wars game for the 3DS gave that needed passion. This is a remix of my favorite characters theme. As for the arrangement and most of the track, I think it's pretty final. I'm open to collabs to add to this or your critique. Hopefully enough of you has played the early Advance Wars game long enough to recognize the theme. https://soundcloud.com/majeles/unearthly-invasion
  13. A person may have a personality where he is a Christian but loves the sounds of anti-God Metal and would feel self conflicting. A person may have the exact same scenario, but think nothing of it. In General, I believe music plays no uniform part in personality; however, I do believe there is a "personality type" that one would change personality according to the music he/she listens too-for whatever reason.
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