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iTunes "smart playlists"


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I just recently discovered the "smart playlist" option in iTunes. Since my collection of music is usually filled with totally obscure stuff that's great but I've totally forgotten is even there, I don't regularly listen to a lot of it - my idea is to create a smart playlist that I can get to which allows me to listen to like the 20 LEAST played tracks on my ipod - and I'd just keep using it.

So, my problem.

Creating said playlist was easy, and it seems to work fine, but I have a few videos on my ipod and I basically never watch them, so all my videos are appearing in my new least played playlist. Is there a way to exclude videos from a playlist/smart playlist or just the library altogether without deleting them?

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That didn't do it, but video kind is not movie removed all of them. Unfortunately it also removed all tracks from the list as well, which I didn't want. When the rule is enabled there's nothing left in the list, possibly because it's looking for JUST videos that aren't movies - and I don't have any of those. So I'm still out of luck with this.

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Are your music videos correctly tagged as such?

You could try Playlist is not Movies.

Or Kind is not Quicktime movie file or MPEG-4 video file.

Or make a smart list called "Music Videos" with the rule Video Kind is Music Video, then add the rule Playlist is not Music Videos to your list to exclude all music videos. The problem with that is you have to make sure all your music videos are correctly tagged. To avoid that, you could make a smart list called simply "Videos" with the rules Video Kind is Movie or TV Show or Music Video, then use the rule Playlist is not Videos to exclude all types of video file.

Hope one of those works; I'm out of ideas.

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