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  1. I didn't know Reuben, but I liked his music very much and I'm listening to it right now. He was a great talent and I'm sad to see him go. I hope his family has some idea how many lives he touched, and I hope they can take some small measure of comfort in that.
  2. There have been a couple of Pirates mixes in the WIP forum recently: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/search.php?searchid=565485 As for Star Wars, the NESkimos did a version of the Cantina theme: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.cfm?bandID=91259&songID=1308956 I'd love to hear remixes of thmes by John Carpenter, Alan Silvestri, Ennio Morricone... A site dedicated to this sort of thing could be most excellent.
  3. I can't think of much to add to what I said on the WIP board: "This is really impressive stuff, and not just because of the professional production values. You've taken some quite sparse, minimalist source material and turned it into something much more expansive. Medleys can sometimes feel a bit random, but the progression here feels totally natural. I think I'd even go so far as to use the word epic." This mix has given me a new appreciation of Flashback's score, which I've never been very familiar with despite it being one of my favourite games. Looking forward to hearing the new material djp mentioned in the writeup. Edit: Okay, so the transitions are basically non-existent. Even so, the shifts in mood seem, to me at least, pretty natural, taking the listener on a journey - albeit a slightly bumpy one.
  4. Very interesting and comprehensive; thanks for the link
  5. It's puerile, but still hilarious. Excellent thread title, btw Kajetokun rules.
  6. Ah, so Boss Month is a genuine OCR quirk. For some reason I thought it might have started somewhere else. Maybe Darke should have his own, custom eye-roll smiley. I don't think I've ever used the default one; it feels like his property. It would be like wearing another man's pants. I have a feeling he started the "Jack Thompson LOL" catchphrase, or at least the bold, all-caps, big-font version: JACK THOMPSON LOL
  7. I want to know where the "June is End Boss month" and related sigs came from. Also, Darkesword's eye-rolling smiley and "JACK THOMPSON LOL".
  8. OH HELL YES. As megadave said, the vocals could stand to be louder. Otherwise, this is superb.
  9. Mono


    I downloaded it without any problems... but I don't recognise the song. Sorry.
  10. Are your music videos correctly tagged as such? You could try Playlist is not Movies. Or Kind is not Quicktime movie file or MPEG-4 video file. Or make a smart list called "Music Videos" with the rule Video Kind is Music Video, then add the rule Playlist is not Music Videos to your list to exclude all music videos. The problem with that is you have to make sure all your music videos are correctly tagged. To avoid that, you could make a smart list called simply "Videos" with the rules Video Kind is Movie or TV Show or Music Video, then use the rule Playlist is not Videos to exclude all types of video file. Hope one of those works; I'm out of ideas.
  11. Add the rule "Video Kind is not Music Video". That should do the trick.
  12. Thanks for clearing that up, TO. I wonder how many of the bands in question are aware of this... um... "tribute". Un51 is based on "Walk" by Pantera, though both the rhythm and the intervals (is that the right word?) have been changed. I can vouch for those. Un48/Crooked Cross sounds to me like the basis for E1M1.
  13. Awesome. This one (link courtesy of Wikipedia) is possibly even awesomer: http://www.hauntedfrog.com/gt/movies/2007/duckon/SingingTeslaShow.html
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