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Jewel Master - Obligatory Remix Suggestion Thread


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This underappreciated Sega Genesis/Master System classic has a soundtrack by the same guy (Motoaki Takenouchi) that did Landstalker and Shining Force II. I recently got a hold of the Jewel Master soundtrack, and it's pretty much been rocking my world. He does a lot of really creative things. Unusual time signatures, odd snare instrumentation, groovy bass, double drum pedals and synth that sounds like an air raid siren went off for all the boss fights, it's pretty intense. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to the soundtrack is that all of the songs convey the feeling and character of the stages perfectly, just with sound alone.

My brother even favorably compared it to King Crimson. So, anyway, I humbly request that a brilliant remixer pay tribute to this most awesome game. Let me know if you need the sound files, as they were somewhat obscure to find =P.

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