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  1. I'm really surprised there aren't any remixes on OC for this game yet. Mushihimesama, or "Insect Princess" has a reputation for being one of the hardest shoot em ups / games ever over in Japan. In fact, they had to invent a new subgenre of the shmup to categorize games like this: dankuru, or "Bullet Hell" games. Essentially, the bosses inundate the entire screen with complex firing patterns of bullets, forcing the player to make extremely tight, sometimes 1-pixel margin-of-error moves to weave through the shots. Crazy. Anyway, it's got a pretty cool soundtrack, as well. A lot of the sta
  2. What I enjoy the most about this track is the "color" of it's sound. It's a very beautiful bright white; as other reviewers have said, it does a lot to convey a sense of the divine and the euphoric.
  3. I second this suggestion, for great justice. The soundtrack for this game is incredible, and is certainly worthy of remixing, if such a thing is possible. The choral intro track, played during the opening moments of the game, is particularly moving and memorable (for obvious reasons). Full soundtrack can be found here: http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/585 I recommend giving it a listen for the sake of musical appreciation, even if you don't intend to remix. Lots of great ambient sounds.
  4. Really? Let me know if you find them. I just dug up a copy of the TF IV soundtrack, and it's just too darn good to go remixless. Lots of great interpretations on the theme of aviation. There are some nicely chill, downtempo tracks that are very slap bass/groove driven. Stuff like "The Sky Line", and "Space Walk" could probably make an amazing jazz track. I've also heard the synth metal route elaborated successfully in SSH's incredible mix of the ending theme "Stand Up Against Myself". The soundtrack goes through ideas rapidly and is very motif-driven; lots of short tracks a minute or s
  5. And the only cure is more Thunder Force remixes. (Jewel Master is lacking some remix love, as well)
  6. Hmmm... A remix of Passion from KH2 would be pretty interesting. The original song is stunningly beautiful, I really think Utada created something very special when she made it. It's unlike her other songs. It's a very tall order indeed to improve on that in a remix. I'd be very impressed if you succeeded =). That said, I'm still waiting to see if anyone ever notices/bothers to remix Jewel Master, haha.
  7. This underappreciated Sega Genesis/Master System classic has a soundtrack by the same guy (Motoaki Takenouchi) that did Landstalker and Shining Force II. I recently got a hold of the Jewel Master soundtrack, and it's pretty much been rocking my world. He does a lot of really creative things. Unusual time signatures, odd snare instrumentation, groovy bass, double drum pedals and synth that sounds like an air raid siren went off for all the boss fights, it's pretty intense. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to the soundtrack is that all of the songs convey the feeling and character
  8. "Why haven't these games been realized?" ...Because some poor bastard like me is going to have to paint all the artwork for it, that's why =P. My game idea is below. By reading it, you legally agree not to steal the idea for your own use or sell the idea to a major game development company =P. Kidding aside, I would like to make a game like this someday. It'd be an MMO Wargame. I was going to call it Supreme Commander, but the sons of guns stole my name! (I kid) Players are evenly divided between a number of nations at the beginning of the game, with new players being added to the least
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