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WIP: Final Fantasy(GB Version)

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More accurately, you made a chiptune of the some of the themes (namely, chocobo and battle victory) from Final Fantasy.

While it's a decent chiptune, I don't think it counts as a remix. First, you have little to no actual remixing happening here. These are pretty much note for note (in fact, a few of them sound like straight game music). There's no interpreting of the melody, there's nothing to show that you took it in a different direction.

Second, you've just put some different songs together into medley. And a medley a remix does not make. IF you had stuck to just one of the original songs, then you could have fleshed it out more.

Lastly, those little pauses between each theme are distracting. It really doesn't sound like a song, so much as a demo of songs.

This entire thing sounds like the audio from a gameplay video, showing various scene from a game. It has nothing that qualifies it as a remix, even under rather loose definitions.

Sorry to be harsh, but this sounds like a midi-rip or maybe a soundchip from a ROM.

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It's not a midi-rip nor a soundchip from a ROM -.-'

I made this on FLStudio using the GeneralUser soundfont, Square Wave track.

It's supposed to be like you're in game... but anyway...

Which song do you think I should work? Following the same soundset and style of course...

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No, that's the problem. You can't follow the same soundset and style. That's what makes it sound like it's a midirip or a soundchip. It's too similar to actual game music. That alone will ensure that it never gets past being a WIP here.

The site has guidelines for what is considered an acceptable remix, and this doesn't meet them. Check here for the specifics.

In other words, don't just take the original game audio and drop a few drum loops on top. Also, don't simply take a MIDI file and assign new instruments to the parts, or add reverb, and expect that to pass as 'yours'. Changing a piece's genre, adding original passages, solos, harmonies, and counter-melodies, as well as altering instrumentation, dynamics, and tempo are all ways of making a ReMix your own unique creation, and are techniques best used in conjunction.

While it doesn't explicitly mention chiptunes, I'm pretty sure that just recreating the melody also fails to meet the standards of a remix. What you have, simply put, is a recreation. It's exactly like what you would hear in a a game; you have added nothing to it to make it different from the original version.

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