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Help wanted for creating an OST


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Well, after using FL a bit, I've decided I'm no musician, to say the least. So, I'm asking for anyone (preferable someone who can play guitar pretty well) for help with the OST to a little project I'm working on with a few other people.

What kind of project? Basically, it's a total conversion mod for the soon-to-be-released Universe at War (it's an RTS).

It essentially takes place in the year 2074, where, after stiff tension between the United States of America and Soviet Union, war breaks out between the two nations, just as an aggressor race of bird-like aliens called the Sh'we'pel enters human territory and begins its assault on mankind, resulting in a massive interstellar three-way war.

How the hell does humanity have interstellar empires in the year 2074, and why does the Soviet Union still exist? The answer is somewhat complex, but it can be summed up by simply saying 'alternate history'.

Each of the three races will (of course) have distinct characteristics, strategies, units, and, the only thing I really need to mention here, music. Keep in mind Universe at War supports a dynamic soundtrack, which basically means it'll play action oriented music when there's fighting, and more calm music when you're just sitting around, building your base or scouting, so we need all the music to be either fast/hard hitting or slow and steady, with no in between. I'll just list what we want for each race's OST here:

- America: We're thinking mainly rock music (AC/DC might be a good example), but with some electronica thrown in as well, just to give it an extra kick, though feel free to experiment if you want.

- Soviet Union: Industrial would be a good choice here. Heavy guitar rhythms keep it flowing, while synths and orchestral type sounds give it a sort of grandiose effect (think Rammstein). Of course, since diversity is probably a good thing, some solid orchestral tracks would be nice, too.

- Sh'we'pel: We actually have someone doing this OST already, but basically they have mainly techno-type music. Any extra help would be appreciated, though.

You can contact me by email if you're interested at 'big0jack@gmail.com', or by IM at 'big_jack2074' (for yahoo) or 'dwilliams42@sbcglobal.net' (for MSN Messenger).

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Sounds cool, but you're not gonna get much response without a little more info. Got a site/screenshots/demo or anything?

If the game is soon to be released then i'm guessing you haven't really started yet?

We did, but that was back when we were planning to mod Empire at War (turned out that the game was nigh impossible to mod on the scale we wanted).

As for how much we've accomplished so far, all we have is a bunch of concept art and some storylines, though I'm not entirely sure if we want to start flashing those around.

Here's the original ModDB for it (the EAW version), if it helps: http://mods.moddb.com/8153/2074-stars-ablaze/

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