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Opinion request (Original)

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This is a new original tune of mines (MP3),

and I would like your opinion about it. Thanks.

Any remark is welcome.

Featuring: Jean-Pierre Raffarin (formerly Prime Minister of France)

and Jacques Chirac (formerly President of France).

Lyrics (original citations):

"Win, the yes needs the no to win, again(st) the no."

"What do you want ? Me to go back to my plane, and go back to France ? Is that what you want ?"

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I dare you to look me in the face, and tell me Paranormia was not an influence on making this song.

The beginning strings sounded so sexy, I thought you were gonna pull some vsnares out of no where.

I dunno, I like this. I think it's awesome.

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This song made me laugh and rock out at the same time... Well done!

I love the synth solo that comes in around 2:12, but I think it might sound better without the low twangy bass in the backround.

I also really like the major section that starts up at 1:00. Sweet song.

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Awesome stuff :-P

Using this famous quote of Raffarin was a very good idea. I'm not a fan of that of Chirac on the other side (maybe due to the poor audio quality of the sample).

As for the music itself, it's really cool - reminded me of the 'Hello Zepp' theme by Charlie Clouser on the Saw I soundtrack.

plain fun man, nice.

(maybe in a next project you could use this quote of current president N. Sarkozy : "You are welcome to invest in 'Frence'. We will be 'appy' to 'elp' you make 'monay', in 'Frence'. And, of course, to make some 'monay' wiz you, for us".)


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