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New laidback guitarsong


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This is great! The guitar is really cleanly recorded and sounds really good with that slight phaser added to it. I really enjoy the melody and the light vocals compliment it very nicely. I would say that it would definitely be worth finishing, especially if you added maybe some very light orchestral stuff in the background later on or maybe another guitar that kind of duets with the guitar now. But seriously, this is REALLY great! i could just sit back and listen to this for days on end.

The only problems I have, which are very slight, are that the key change near the end is a little awkward. I think it maybe that the note that starts it off is kind of soft, so if maybe you made it a little louder it wouldn't be awkward at all. The other, very minor criticism is that there are a few little background noises that could be ironed out later on. Some of them while the guitar is playing and some before after the song. If you want any help with it I wouldn't mind snipping those out a little bit; I just got some new software that takes out some background noise that I'm itching to use :). But otherwise this is a VERY solid song that I can't wait to se finished.

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Thanks for the comment Hy Bound.

Ok, for all 10 of you who listened to it, i actually stayed up for like 8 hours and finished this tune. I hope you like it, i'll redo some stuff tomorrow (i need lyrics) and a guitarsolo in the end, as well as some EQ stuff. But yeah, here is what i got so far: http://home.no/polar2000/sas.mp3

Gotta tell you, i'm totally in love with this melody. I could've made 200 more songs based on it im sure =)


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