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  1. Couldn't help but check out some of the pics on there too, and I have to say that anyone who owns Oldboy, the Firefly DVDs, Spaceballs, AND Equalibrium is possessed by epic win. Thanks for the updated link!
  2. I somehow missed the original release, is there somewhere I can still get this from?? Always enjoyed your tunes, it'd be awesome to have a couple CD's for while I'm in the car.
  3. nice work man, I always dig your tunes. if you need hosting space i can open up an ftp account for you on my server.
  4. nice work man, dub is good stuff. only thing i noticed was when it seemed like parts of the song should be overflowing your eardrums, it was like there was a part of the song missing, but it might be cause the headphones i'm using here aren't that good. also, the random unrelated samples kinda seemed like a turn-off. it sounds like a lot of nitpicking, but overall i liked the song a lot - nice blend of old/new instruments.
  5. definitely going to rock super hard when you get a hold of the live instruments, current version is real tight, very nice, but seems a little cheesy for some reason, heh. i'm looking forward to the finished version!
  6. gave it a listen and all i can say is that it's real easy to get into and listen to over and over. great work mate.
  7. I like it man... especially for your first beat. Although there isn't a crazy amount of variation, there never really is in rap songs because the focus is usually the lyrics with something fat in the background. If you keep developing what you have, I'm sure you'll turn it into something great. I think adding something like a simple string section in the background would really help bring it out, get a little reverse cymbal leading into some of the claps, get something going with slight reverb... just things I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck man, I look forward to seeing what
  8. It seems like the snare in the background is slightly off-beat, maybe like the drumroll was hesitated for a little too long. Also, a little more variance in that realm might be good, as military snares do not tend to be overly repetative and as simple as that. Maybe add in a couple flams and sixteenth notes in between, and try changing it up every two or four bars at least (just minor variances, really). I'm no pro, but those are the things I could pick out, but I would like to say that it sounds very professional, like something you'd hear on the menu of a Call of Duty game.
  9. This is the intro for a new song I've been working on that was pretty much started by testing some new VSTs, kinda by accident. But I like the sound of it, and I think it's a good start. Give it a listen and let me know what you think! (Right Click and 'Save As...') Spy Glasses
  10. That's pretty much word-for-word what I was thinking... Do NOT even think about passing this up, this is a must-listen.
  11. EDIT: I was drunk when I originally replied... *cough* Nice tune polar!! Sounds pro, there's just a few parts where there's a synth background that seems out of place, I don't know how to describe it, but it's a very short sample that appears two or three times throughout the song.
  12. Big thanks to Flik and allen for hosting yet another kick-ass Flikomp! Always appreciated, and always a great time.
  13. Very nice polar, very smooth! Sounds like something you'd hear in a movie when two people fall in love, heh.
  14. Very nice man, I really like oriental compositions and you do a superb job of building up to the "full" portion of the song, the way everything fills in together is exceptional! I certainly look forward to the completed version, although it already sounds as such to my ears.
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