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WIP: Sonic & Knuckles - EggMan's Master Plan (Revised)


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Hi there!

It's been a while since I last worked on something... Due to some issues not to be discussed in public, I wasn't able to cook up something, as my inspiration was "drained" by stress, among other things... But!

I'm back, this time with a completely revised version of my previous ReMix, "EggMan's Master Plan", A Remix of The Act1 Boss, Act2 Boss, and Final Boss (Not the Special Super Sonic Final Boss).

:arrow:Download Version 1.1 Here (MP3 44.1kHz 128kbs 5.06MB)

This time, it's on a genuine HTTP Server, because sad to say, all my previous links are now officially deceased, since the adress I stored them on is no longer available to me...:puppyeyes:

Anyways, it's pretty much rebuild from Scratch, as some nasty-ass Bug in XP decided to wipe out my Hard drive... Lost almost everything I ever tried something on... pretty sad I didn't make backups until now, but that aside... Some more effects added since the previous version, including some gated Orchestra Hits, a mean Sawtooth Lead to accompany the fakey Overdiven Guitar, and basically a whole new Drum Set to boot. The first transition starts around 1:21, and the second one around 2:24.

As always, made with "Orion Platinum V7".

Hope Y'all Like it!

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That synth guitar sounds way too MegaManX'y to me, definitely could do better there. The main issue with this is the sound quality. Too many basic synth instruments and not enough variation in the texture/feeling. The constantly changing arrangement saves this to a degree, but it's really not gonna stand as is.

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Hah, basic synths... I was a bit affraid of that... I'm still tuning the most if them, since all my presets were gone as well, but I'm working on it... And the guitar is just my favourite, maybe because MMX was (and still is) my 2nd Favourite Game Series, I feel it simply Rocks, and Sonic, well, stands for speed, so IMO loud rock music suits it best... I don't have much other Overdriven guitar samples anyways, so mostly I stick with this one... I could do some tuning, and maybe add some distortion, or pitch the sample pool a nodge or two. I expect an update in a week or so, since this week will be a busy one. We finaly got another apartment, so my wife and I are planning a lot of goodies we have to buy like paints and stuff.

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