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FF8 - Balamb Garden Industrial / Orch


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I haven't sat down and remixed anything just for the hell of it in awhile, and I guess this is the first thing I've made in a long time I've felt like pursuing after I've started.

It's a remix of the Balamb Garden theme, but it's a little darker and more progressive. It's still really rough, but I think it works well with the theme.



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Yo this is pretty sick Ross!

There is one big thing that is bothering me and that's the high end on the bells and FX sounds. It is insanely piercing in the 8k and above range. It is most noticeable in the intro.

Lovin the Chillout DnB bass synth.

The strings in the first section seem sit a lil too out in front and feel exposed IMO.

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