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Super Hang-On ~ Winning Run

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Ok, this is a WIP remix of Winning Run from Super Hang-On.

> Original

Basically, the story goes that about 2 years ago my friend and I were working on a remix of the same piece, we submitted it and it got rejected with some re-subs, but generally, the concensus was that it didn't quite fit the bill.

> Original Submission

We lost a fair bit of motivation following the judge's comments, but recently we gained a new lease of life and started on a new version.

> New Version

Ok, so this is still a WIP, but the general structure is laid down. Some of the sounds are a bit sketchy, but I'm mainly working with free stuff so it takes quite a while to sift through the garbage. The main synth could do with some modulation, but the plug-in doesn't support it, so that's going to be done after I can find a plug-in to do it on the audio file. The drums are a bit lifeless, with the cymbals being a bit bland, and the snare kinda dies into the mix once all the instruments come in. Drums aren't really my area of expertise though, so I know I'm going to have to improve them.

From 1:50 onwards is the bit that we're currently working on. The fill section needs a lot of work, but we're a bit unsure about what to do with it, so any suggestions would be more than welcome.

The section starting 2:20 has some note clashes in there, but it was mainly just hurried together so I could get some feedback about the overall structure. From here, it goes back into the Chorus and after the piece ends, we intend to do an improved verse and then end the piece.

So yea, any comments are welcome.



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Might want to fix the first link, vgmusic doesn't like direct linking.

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

I can see where this has improved a lot from the previous version you submitted.

I'm not too crazy about this intro, I think it needs something more interesting than a simple bass line and very exposed four on the floor kick. You need a hook here, something to get the listener's attention. If you're going for a DJ-friendly intro, I guess I can understand this type of intro, but I still think it's overly simplistic.

The sounds themselves aren't bad I think. Definitely had some interesting (in a good way) synths used here - especially compared to the last version you did.

Yeah, drums are lacking the punch to push through this mix - they need some compression to compensate. I'm not really feeling the hihat sound or the pattern it plays starting about a quarter of the way in. I'm definitely no expert on this type of genre, but if you're going for a 4 kick dance beat, you need more presence in both the kick and hat to establish the base for the song.

I think your bass freqs are a bit muddy on the low end. It's especially noticable during the breakdown about halfway through. Might need a cleaner bass synth. The build-up after the breakdown needs a lot of work I think - rather than just adding back some elements that were present before. Also, the second iteration of the main theme needs some additional variation so it's not just a re-hashing of the first time around, but rather something fresh for the listener.

Hope this helps.

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