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  1. Hmm, the file appears to be gone now. SplinterOfChaos: Yes, the name of the game is One Must Fall: 2097.
  2. A fantastic arrangement as always zircon, Devil's Lab is a favourite of mine and I couldn't think of a reason why it didn't deserve the score I gave it, which seems to have been echoed by Larry and Sebastian too. Will you be meeting up with Tim and Michael Gluck at the concert at all?
  3. Hey guys, just to let you know that the site is now back up permanently (fingers crossed).
  4. If you're unsure whether Uematsu composed a piece, then give me a PM and I'll verify that the submission will be accepted.
  5. Ok, this is a WIP remix of Winning Run from Super Hang-On. > Original Basically, the story goes that about 2 years ago my friend and I were working on a remix of the same piece, we submitted it and it got rejected with some re-subs, but generally, the concensus was that it didn't quite fit the bill. > Original Submission We lost a fair bit of motivation following the judge's comments, but recently we gained a new lease of life and started on a new version. > New Version Ok, so this is still a WIP, but the general structure is laid down. Some of the sounds are a bit sketchy, but I'm mainly working with free stuff so it takes quite a while to sift through the garbage. The main synth could do with some modulation, but the plug-in doesn't support it, so that's going to be done after I can find a plug-in to do it on the audio file. The drums are a bit lifeless, with the cymbals being a bit bland, and the snare kinda dies into the mix once all the instruments come in. Drums aren't really my area of expertise though, so I know I'm going to have to improve them. From 1:50 onwards is the bit that we're currently working on. The fill section needs a lot of work, but we're a bit unsure about what to do with it, so any suggestions would be more than welcome. The section starting 2:20 has some note clashes in there, but it was mainly just hurried together so I could get some feedback about the overall structure. From here, it goes back into the Chorus and after the piece ends, we intend to do an improved verse and then end the piece. So yea, any comments are welcome. Thanks, tk.
  6. I find that working with other people helps to bring out my creative juices.
  7. Lol, no. My room is in a bit of a transition phase at the moment so the only place I can put it where it still reaches my computer stops me from being able to actually get out of the room.
  8. I don't have a problem with you including googleads. Pretty much every site on the internet has some kind of advertising on it now, and it's getting quite odd to see a site without advertising if I'm honest. As long as they are subtle and don't detract from experience of using the site then it should be fine.
  9. tk

    Sony PS3

    It's mainly been the last couple of days. Like Gamespot did an article about their sales predictions for the Christmas period and they put the 360 in last. Joystiq also did an article about how the PS3 sales are actually equal if not slightly better than the 360's if launches are aligned (which most people already knew). Just small stuff like that.
  10. tk

    Sony PS3

    Something odd appears to be happening in the Christmas build-up, the Media aren't being as negative about the PS3 as it is now perceived to be a better deal than the XBox 360, especially with Ratchet and Clank + Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Haze coming out, just to name a few of the big games coming out.
  11. I would say my Korg Trinity, but I currently don't have enough room to set it up. Other than that, I don't really have any stunning equipment/software. I just use the bare basics for the most part.
  12. tk

    Dead Fantasy I

    Sorry, I forgot it's a usermovie. They're Flash only. I presume you have the latest version of Flash?
  13. tk

    Dead Fantasy I

    Have you tried changing the file format that the player runs in? I find that quicktime works the best.
  14. Hopefully it will actually be good...
  15. I think the problem is that most games these days have difficulty settings whereas older games didn't. You can't really say that the Sonic games that appeared on the MegaDrive were particularly challenging for the most part, and games like Golden Axe/Streets of Rage are also the same unless put on the hardest difficulty. The problem is that the gaming industry is pretty huge these days and if they make games difficult, then "non-gamers" will be put off and this will reduce sales.
  16. I use my Alesis M1 Active Mk II for monitors and my Sennheiser HD 25 SP for phones.
  17. I was considering downloading this, is it worth it?
  18. Hey guys, I've just finished off my review for Squaresound of this album. I started it pretty much when the album was released and it's probably longer than most of my coursework for my degree, lol. I felt that I should put the effort in though after all the hard work you guys have put in over the last 20 months (I think it was). I've tried to be fair across the board and judge each song on its own merits. Anyway, the review is up at either Square Union or Squaresound Thanks for the amazing effort you've put in and I look forward to your next album release.
  19. This is one of the best remixes I have heard in a while, it's pretty astounding and the crispness is amazing. It's really impressive how all of the different sounds meld together seemlessly, and the various sections slide in between each other perfectly. An excellent job.
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