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This Needs a Remix - Mushihimesama!


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I'm really surprised there aren't any remixes on OC for this game yet.

Mushihimesama, or "Insect Princess" has a reputation for being one of the hardest shoot em ups / games ever over in Japan. In fact, they had to invent a new subgenre of the shmup to categorize games like this: dankuru, or "Bullet Hell" games. Essentially, the bosses inundate the entire screen with complex firing patterns of bullets, forcing the player to make extremely tight, sometimes 1-pixel margin-of-error moves to weave through the shots. Crazy.

Anyway, it's got a pretty cool soundtrack, as well. A lot of the standard high energy shooter type stuff, with a distinctly Japanese feel of course.

I suggest tracks: "Walking On the Land of Flame", "The One Who is Always in the Forest" for the more dynamic stuff, or "Starfall Village" for a more, chill, relaxed sound.

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