ReMix: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "Indian Ragga" 2:42

By MkVaff

Arranging the music of one song...

"Yoshi Island"

Primary Game: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Nintendo, 1995, SNES), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2000-11-25, evaluated by djpretzel

OKAY! When McVaffe and ANYBODY get together, the results are great, as this contribution from - primarily - Jade Gemini illustrates. OC ReMix favorite Gemini informed me that master McVaffe assisted with some beats and what not on this highly creative 'india ragga' ReMix from perhaps the best 2d platformer ever, "Yoshi's Island" aka Super Mario World 2. If you haven't played it . . . PLAY IT! Well, we've got some cool syncopated tabla beats, a fairly convincing sitar sound (which ain't easy to come by) and a great slippery bassline. The whole thing bounces back and forth and is virtually guaranteed to make you get up and do the Mario-Dhalsim Intercontinental Boogie, then go out for some curry afterwards. MMMMmmmm. Tasty stuff, indeed. Get it.



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SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-20 00:12:35

Slick drums compliment but don't overpower the source. Nice use of world sounds.

on 2010-04-21 10:18:04

DJP: Mario-Dhalsim Intercontinental Boogie

Sounds about right. Just like the rest of the game, this has some pretty nice beats that seem to be on the fine line of energetic and relaxing. I can honestly say that I was surprised with how well this was considering the original didn't seem that great.

on 2009-12-25 21:43:37

This is an example of a nice genre change while keeping the flair of the original track. It doesn't set out to really change it much though, just to give another take on the genre for the most part, and if you like it, well enjoy I guess.

on 2009-04-15 03:37:47

Ahh, Yoshi's Island. I enjoyed it even more than Super Mario World. It was bigger, deeper, more varied, better looking and had better music to boot. In my opinion obviously, I know how much of a following SMW has.

This is probably one of the first McVaffe mixes I ever heard, and I remember being very impressed with it all that time ago. Nowadays, I only hear the original midi updated in production and its tropical flavour transplanted with an Indian one. Not that it is a terrible combination; things sound swell, especially given its age. However, McVaffe showed his true brilliance covering the same source with CrystallineCaverns. The details and quality of arrangement from that mix is lacking here (understandably; they were years apart).

Regardless of my thoughts of it now, this mix is one of my most listened to ever since I've had it for about 7 years. That must count for something. At the very least, it's well-done cover. But that's about all for me.

Mr Azar
on 2009-01-07 22:55:16

Why was this remix taken off the site? :?

on 2008-12-03 21:15:49

Wow, I can't believe this is only mix 184. The sounds on this are GREAT.

I've always loved YI, and this mix is totally awesome. Perfect style adaption. Everything works wonderfully. The percussion is great, the bass line is kickin', and the sitar/flute combo on the melody works very well. Not much more I can say on this. Recommended.

on 2007-05-14 11:48:05

Good theme, it has a great beat and a very distinct sound to it. If you asked me, i'd have guessed it was from Xenogears, due to the heavy sitar use. Cool stuff, I like it.

on 2006-06-07 10:49:10

The beginning almost made me delete this song off of my hard drive, but after listening to it a couple times I learned that I need to wait through the beginning to get to the good part. This remix is good. Nick Work.

Benjamin Briggs
on 2006-02-07 17:18:10

Very good minimalistic groove. The best part is when the bass finally decides to come in. :)

on 2006-02-02 15:59:46

LUV! :nicework::nicework:

on 2005-12-30 02:37:28

A very nice song for you to just relax anywhere. Haha, great job McVaffe.

on 2005-03-24 12:44:37

Wow, that's hot!

I love it. Sweet and pleasant. McVaffe is awesome.

RimFrost the Tourianist
on 2004-07-10 00:13:40

Very Hippieistic ..makes me think of the lava stages from Super Mario 64 8)

on 2003-10-17 10:45:17

love the bassline.. got a nice feel to it.. not my top ten, but definitely up there.

Captain Red
on 2002-07-06 02:34:17

You need to download this NOW.

I can't believe it only has one review...

For some reason this reminds me of a couple beatles songs- Norwegian Wood and Obla Di Obla Da- both of which I love. There's a tremendous amount of talent in there.

The instrumentals are dead on... man... I am in love with a song. :¬)

Thank you, McVaffe. Your works make me very happy.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Nintendo, 1995, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Yoshi Island"

Tags (6)

New Age
Sitar, Woodwinds
Regional > Indian
Time > Tempo: Moderate

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