ReMix:Final Fantasy VI "The Endless Search" 4:08

By NoppZ

Arranging the music of 3 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Aria de Mezzo Carattere", "Searching for Friends", "You're Not Alone!"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2002-07-08, evaluated by djpretzel

Happy. Boppy, even. NoppZ' latest takes themes from FF6 and 9 as well that weren't really all that happy (celes in particular) and turns them into catchy jazz diddies. The amount of interpretation and 'stretching' is what impresses me the most here - very creative use of the original melodies to create a composite that is at once clearly built from the core melodies of the originals and at the same time entirely unlike them in tone. Things start with a funky little groove, greasy bass, and lovely (and prominent) hi-hat, with a trumpet soloing over top. As a former trumpet player, I sometimes cringe at emulations, esp. of the jazz variety. NoppZ pulls it off, largely due to sheer arranging skill, but it's still not my favorite solo instrument unless it's real (and played by someone a hell of a lot better than I was!). The segue to the mad comping organ Celes rendition is a little odd, but when that section started I smiled just because I thought it was pretty neat what he'd done with the melody. Not at all obvious, or something that even if I had thought of would I have actually attempted to realize, so it certainly wins points on the 'sheer audacity' scale in my book. Details like the triplets on the afforementioned hi-hats are what make NoppZ pieces not only stand out (which they'd do even without them on other strengths), but stick in my mind and make me pay closer attention. Recommended.



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on 2016-08-15 11:03:10

This is completely upside down!

Gah! / HAHAHA!

. / : D

on 2015-12-20 01:15:46

Wow, such a melancholic title for a mix with enough funk to be on a Donkey Kong OST. Searching for Friends sounds nice here. I don't think I will ever hear Celes this happy again. The style shift is nearly disorienting and that's the cool thing about this mix; it works somehow.

on 2009-04-06 22:34:07

Wow, really, really good arrangement- Throwing the modulation to Celes's theme was great, and unexpectedly cool. Hearing the organ chords and the bass part made me think it seemed really familiar, but when the melody came in, I was all :nicework:. Great balance via panning and instrument choice, and though that last transition back to the first theme was a little weak, this song is very strong overall.

Strange that the trumpet sample sounds bad in some places, and excellent in others. A non issue. This is amazing stuff, people.

on 2009-01-07 03:23:25

friggin love this remix

love the trumpet getting jiggy with it.

on 2007-10-05 17:03:40

Great fusion of the FF6 and FF9 sources, not in melding them together, but in writing something where the sections of the arrangement somehow pieced together and WORKED despite no major stylistic similarities. Dunno how he does it. A true NoppZ classic.

Vitamin FF
on 2005-11-16 11:03:38

You know, when I saw another remake of the Endless Search, I instantly picked it up, even if it made up only a piece of the compilation. This took two of the most emotionally charged songs in the game and gave them flashing high beams, and that's a bad thing. I really wish I had something nice to say about this remix from "59 on. I don't. Unless you like hearing your favorite songs crapped on, go download "Ruined Skies". Sorry.

on 2005-10-10 10:49:43

Oh, an endless search, of friends i guess. That must be very sad, to have lost them and all and now is searching although you´re not sure to see them ever again. How sad. It´s just....WHAT the crap? Beats, a funky synth, cool piano, AND A TRUMPET? Why would anyone to something like this? Some nice skills to transform it to a happy partymix, but it´s supposed to be sad. I get so...what? You say that NoppZ has done this? OOOOOhhhh, then that´s explains everything. Heh, sorry dude. Very nice remix, happy party, GO GO GO, hehehe, sorry, hehehe....:runs away:

on 2005-02-20 23:32:04

Even though it strayed about 1000 miles off the original songs, it was still pretty good. It's kind of like getting lost in Hawaii. Who really cares where you are, if you're still in Hawaii 8/10.

SamuraiFoochs #Reload
on 2005-01-24 21:33:37

This thing had my incredibly white ass groovin' in front of my computer. Nice job. ^_^

The Protricity
on 2003-06-25 14:48:26

This remix changed my outlook on a song. The song "Searching for Friends" always annoyed me when I played this game. "The Endless Search", however, convinced me to give that song another chance. When I heard it again (in the game), it still annoyed me, but then I just turned down the volume and thought of this remix. Your song is 1000x better than the song in the game. Good job.

on 2003-05-21 18:10:33

fuck the nay-sayers, this mix is completely awesome.

this is something i can listen to whenever the world sucks, and it always makes me feel better.


on 2003-02-12 11:23:34

Whoa, I love this piece! As for those who've complained about this, (i. e. trumpet synth, not true to original, etc.) bottom line is, who care's, it just sounds so catchy and dancey! As for not true to original, the point of remixes are to put the remixer's interpretation on the piece, not completely follow the original interpretation, as exemplied in the various styles exhibited on OCR with respect to their originals.

Anyway, back to the original topic, it is obvious NoppZ knew what he was doing the whole way through, and hits his jazz interpretation of "Celes" and "Searching for Friends" squarely on the head. There are some minor faults, such as the synths of the instruments, and maybe slightly repetitve, but I wouldn't let this discredit his work as portrayed.

I'd give this a 9.0. Very good, but of course could've been better ;). Make some more remixes like this though and I'll still be very happy :).

on 2003-02-09 21:56:17
I said it before. Not all remixes are good. this one takes the cake as being God awful! If mr cranky ( ) did reviews of music, this one would get 4 bombs. I once passed by a man with Down's syndrome and stoped to reflect what the world was like through his eyes. This song explains it perfectly.

Alright, so maybe its not that bad. :roll: but it comes close

It's amazing if anyone takes this guy seriously. It's all just crap that doesn't say anything about the piece. It's ok to not like it for something as small as not liking the samples, but using some offensive non-existant example just doesn't cut it.

I don't care if this was played with NES samples, the arranging is just great. Changing the style of the original and making it work is a definite plus as well, no matter how attached you are to the original. Not my favorite piece on OC (what is?), but give it a try, it could be yours (and its percentage of it being your favorite is far greater than something like ex-OC mix Bad Tuna).

on 2002-10-14 13:58:12

I know I've already commented on this piece, but I've been listening to it lately, and noticed something that I absolutely love about this piece. First it starts at 1:35 with the organ, and that leads into 1:52 which I absolutely love! It's a nice little improv section, while still keeping the basic FF3 medley going. I just thought that was such a cool little section listening to it today...:)

on 2002-10-07 02:07:38

The cable holding the elevator snaps and you plummet 50 floors to the concrete doom below, smiling all the way. Yes, this is the elevator music of the gods. If this were playing in an elevator, you'd be guaranteed to press the stop button, and NO ONE wants to stay in an elevator longer than they need to. YES, IT'S THAT GOOD. 8.5 out of 10.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VI (Square , 1994, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Aria de Mezzo Carattere"
"Searching for Friends"
Additional Game:
Final Fantasy IX (Square , 2000, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"You're Not Alone!"

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