ReMix:Return All Robots! "Quicksilver" 3:25

By Radiowar

Arranging the music of one song...

"Deep Freeze"

Primary Game: Return All Robots! (Microsoft Game Studios , 2010, XB360), music by Farkle, zircon

Posted 2010-12-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Today we're proud to be releasing another ORIGINAL game soundtrack, this time for the just-published indie puzzle game Return All Robots!, available NOW on 360 & PC! The OST is primarily by the panel's own zircon, which should hopefully pique your interest, with additional composition from Mike Worth. Furthermore, as a bonus, the soundtrack includes fourteen ReMixes from some familiar OCR faces, including this track by Radiowar. You can grab the torrent and help us seed, check out the game trailer to get an idea of the gameplay (think Chip's Challenge), buy a physical version of the album to support Andy, Mike, & the ReMixers, and head over to for more info.

The game's development studio writes:

"Return All Robots! is the debut game from Philadelphia-based developer, Space Whale Studios, released on Xbox LIVE Indie Games and Windows in December 2010. Inspired by classics like Lemmings and Bomberman with modern twists and addictive depth, this action-puzzler will fill you with nostalgia you never knew you had.

Our lead audio composer Andrew Aversa (zircon) brewed up over 45 minutes of sweet jams for the Return All Robots! soundtrack, which includes infectious electro-pop, 80s cheese, drum machines, plastic sounds, retro melodies and dance beats. On top of that, we orchestrated a contest on OverClocked ReMix where we received a ton of groovy arrangements and remixes of the OST from the talented musicians over there. Needless to say, we want you to check this out."

Hey, so do we! Game is 240 Microsoft Points, and there's a free demo, so like the nameless announcement says, check it out! We last posted Radiowar back in 2008 with his excellent DKC2 ReMix, then nothing in 2009, so it's very cool to see him getting in just in the nick of time in 2010 with another mix. The arrangement slows the original down a bit, gives it more of a trip-hop vibe, with a meaty clap-snare & ambient, pulsing pads. Very icy, like the source/context, especially with the gated, fading slivers of crystal at the very end, and has an overall Zen downbeat/chillout vibe that's solid and enveloping. Grab the mix, grab the free OST, and - especially if you like puzzlers w/ awesome soundtracks - be sure and buy the game, too!



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on 2015-01-11 20:29:35

A very sterile sound. The instrumentation reminds me of Boards of Canada, but whereas their music is like small respites or vaults in a strange incomprehensible world, this song is like someone polished that world into a finite mathematical shape and left it hanging in chilly stasis.

on 2014-11-15 13:04:46

Wow, such sliiiick mix here. This is seriously deep freeze. I especially feel some coolness during the intro and other moments like intro. RW created awesome atmosphere here with that beat and piano and synths ang other stuff. So much chill.

on 2013-08-07 21:21:26

Love it. Super chill and oozing finesse

on 2013-04-13 19:44:48

I think you already know how much I love this tune. Inspiring work, man!

on 2013-02-24 14:26:51

just for reference, on the OST download, this track is listed as having been produced by zircon... but is it a remix by radiowar? im confused

on 2011-12-24 17:42:58

Oh, man, you can really get an icy atmospheric feel off of this one, especially in the intro. That beat is nice and solid, and the ambiance of this track is spectacular. It may be a bit more upbeat than a soundscape, but it's still chill enough to relax to and you can get a lot of peace out of this tune. Awesome work on this ReMix.

on 2011-01-27 22:56:37

re-commenting, as this is seriously one of my favorite remixes on this site now :D

sooo goodddd

on 2011-01-04 14:42:45

Instantly reminded me of

Good stuff.

Edit: I also like how the ad on the detail page is permanently set to RAR!. :)

on 2011-01-03 04:16:59

Wow, this is some pretty smooth and pleasant stuff to keep playing in the background. It feels... tranquil.

Very nice.

Melbu Frahma
on 2010-12-27 23:03:40

Smooth, chill, ambient... solid gold work here, Radiowar.

on 2010-12-27 22:38:03

loved this. excellent mix, dude. :nicework:

Level 99
on 2010-12-27 16:28:37

Gorgeous epiano sample opens up this shifting and moody remix. Reminds me of some of Akira Yamaoka's work with Silent Hill 3 and 4, except much more outwardly relaxed. Production is very clean for the majority of the song. I'm loving the drums, and the layers of instruments work well. One thing I really dig is the deliberate degradation of some of the samples, reminiscent of Boards of Canada's work. There are a few spots where it feels like the samples border on fighting for frequencies but it doesn't get messy.

Great job, Radiowar.

on 2010-12-27 16:25:35

Mellow atmosphere, I could keep it on repeat for hours. Reminds me a lot of Röyksopp.

on 2010-12-27 00:47:28

this was a really cool surprise! thanks for all the nice comments everyone.

if we ever do an expansion or sequel, I want this one *ingame* :)

that would be awesome :)

on 2010-12-25 13:19:23

Makes for a chill Christmas morn indeed. Smooth, mellow stuff.

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Primary Game:
Return All Robots! (Microsoft Game Studios , 2010, XB360)
Music by Farkle,zircon
"Deep Freeze"

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