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2011 was like, the best year EVAR for Oroku Saki on OCR; his theme music from Turtles in Time was mixed not once but twice, on two different albums, by two different shredders in their own right. First Danimal completely destroyed us with his cut off Heroes vs. Villains, and now Sixto adds insult to injury with yet another face-melting rock/metal arrangement, first released on Badass. Album director The Joker writes:

"Sixto does what he does best, taking old favorites and adding a generous heaping of awesomeness to it. If there was a song that lives up to its name, it's this one. Juan's guitar shreddage is insane here. Those nostalgic notes are giving new life with energetic rock'n'roll! You think, Sixto's finished with this lesson in badassery, then he comes in with that final attack, and you're left asking, "Please, sir, may I have another?" You may, hater, you may."

Sixto himself succinctly adds:

"A remix I made for the BadAss project. Just more guitar wankery. It never ends!"

Never stop wanking, Juan. High-octane thrills, non-stop adrenaline, and other cliched summer action blockbuster one-liners all apply, as Sixto takes us for a ride (HD) on a wild rollercoaster of riffery & indulgence. The opening quote/sample sets the sinister-but-fun vibe effectively, and the arrangement just packs one hell of a punch. A great track off a great album, and one of two mixes that did the source tune complete, unrelenting metal justice in 2011.



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on 2012-07-06 22:07:53

Love this track, Sixto channeled Steve Vai in this aural assault. In fact, this is my favorite take on this so far, although Danimal provides a more varied take.

I always want more Sixto tracks!

on 2012-05-16 22:35:02

I admit - I really love the TMNT 4 soundtrack and I wish there were more remixes. I also admit that I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it to longs periods of time because it is so repetitive and slightly grating.

With that said - I love this rendition. Excellent blend of synths and guitar; rockin' drums. It adds dynamic and feeling, it's not repetitious and it still maintains the raw power and fury of the original tune.

Oh, and the Shredder sample is awesome.

on 2012-04-13 11:26:10

I love this remix. The guitar production sounds amazing, and of course the "shredding" is flawless. The drum track is incredibly tight, and I love all the syncopation that I hear. Great job.

Also, I noticed that the opening ambience is actually a piece of the Bleach soundtrack. It fits very well :P

on 2012-01-15 16:29:44

I remember liking this a lot when I first heard it; it's face melting Sixto, but it barely ever grows old. :)

Indeed, there's this hint of difference thrown in with the ambience and the steadier tempo, as well as the movie quote to fit with the transition straight to the source. There's been some good separation of the pulled-off synth and lead here, which managed to work well for source manipulation, not to mention some great wah manipulation in the second variation of the theme in particular that further adds fuel to his playing style. Even throwing in the regular boss theme at the 3 minute mark, and served as a great accompaniment to a strong face melting solo. Not quite as progressive as some of the others I have seen in past mixes, but the precision is easily there.

I must admit, the fake ending took me by surprise, though to see the second half of the Shredder boss theme come through to end it properly erased doubts altogether. Even then the ending still felt a little anti-climatic, but as long as the structure's there, I'm cool with it.

Production-wise, it's clean Sixto with a lot of detail in there. Not much difference I could sense from past tracks except the drums sound much sharper and fitting the genre, to the point that I could literally feel the smacks of the kit as the track goes through.

In fact, even the drum writing is fantastic - usually I don't pay attention to it because it tends to get a bit same-ish in playing style (and by that I'm picking similarities in "Go the Distance", "The Skull Fortress" and "Metamorphic Rock" here :razz: ) but the amount of precision and energy brought in especially in varying up some of the cymbal parts and fills as well manages to really make it shine. Sure, my only complaint with it though is that the 'chorus' sections tend to feel copy-pasted, but I couldn't really envision them any other way.

Otherwise, this was a GREAT addition to BadAss and marked a fantastic year for the Shredder, and I hope Sixto keeps melting our faces off in the time to come. Remember, play more, buy less!

on 2012-01-13 22:34:51

Very classic Sixto. It reminds me of Slash from Guns n Roses, which is ya know... badass lol album reference. The quote was nice and set the tone for the rest of the song. The synths were fun and of course the guitar playing was awesome. Great job!

on 2012-01-11 23:27:16

Yeah! This was one of my favorite tracks off BadAss too! It is a similar style to the Danimal Cannon track from HvV, but they both have their own charm. Awesome guitar work, as to be expected from Sixto. All around solid track!

on 2012-01-11 17:12:45

This is without a doubt my favorite ReMix off of the BadAss album by far. The heavy guitars in the intro leading up to the movie quote by Shredder himself was great. The entire mix sounded tense and chaotic in a good way, like a fight song should, and the transition from Shredder's battle theme to the Boss theme and back was excellent. Great work with the drums and other backing instruments. This basically had everything I could have asked for in a Shredder ReMix and more. Terrific work, Sixto.

on 2012-01-10 21:45:45

How... Just HOW does EVERY MIX of this I hear end up being good?! Ass-kicking-ly so, even! HOW?! What, what is wrong- No, what is RIGHT with you people?! At this rate, I'll have fifty mixes of a song from a game I never played!!!

Faux panic aside, this track really is good. For me it was a personal third best of the album (And in an album this good, that's saying something), but I can easily see this being the topper for someone. In my opinion, it JUST falls short of the mix off of "Heroes VS. Villains", since that one had mind-melting trickery, but only barely so. This is definitely one I'll continue listening to in the future.

on 2012-01-10 17:02:34

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